“My program has been closed twice in four months. It could be the universe trying to tell me that it just must not continue. I must just put myself down and think it over.”

For the second time in just four months, satirist and radio host Huxi Bach’s radio program got the knife.

“I’m really, really sorry,” he says to the B. T.

In October disappeared ‘Huxi and the good old parliament’ along with the now closed radio station Radio24Syv.

And on Monday selected Weekendavisen, which led the program as a podcast, to save Huxi Bach program away.

It happened as a part of a larger sparerunde of the newspaper’s owners, Berlingske Media, which due to declining ad revenue as a result of the corona-the epidemic and the subsequent lockdown, had to say goodbye to a number of employees.

“I understand very well, But had to take a difficult decision. I am not furious at them. It is about the here corona-shit – pardon my French – have affected us all together. It is desperate times and require desperate means. It is there simply nothing to do,” he says, adding almost apologetically:

“I am one of those who are suffering in the light end. People have gone bankrupt, people have lost their jobs, people are dead. The podcast was just a small part of the arbejdsmosaik, I have.”

Nevertheless recognises Huxi Bach, that he just for the time being not to low. All of his jobs for the next two months are cancelled.

So while he is waiting, that Denmark will become himself again, he has thrown himself over a project on Facebook.

“I have my own little webshow, which I record on my phone once a week. I get no money out of it, but so have I as it to cling to. And so I try to do a little satire on the absurd situation we are in now.”

in Addition, he writes in his upcoming oneman show, which should be out this fall. If the circumstances allow it.

“So this is how it looked. I have nothing,” says Huxi Bach, who also doubts that he will run ‘Huxi and the good old parliament’ on itself.

“But people should be welcome to call if you have a setup that can run it on. All the media is the hit on the wallet. No standing and pulling new things into right now. Trying just to keep it running,” he says.

“We are not the cheapest podcast in the world, I collect old politicians from across the country, which should have paid the transport and the one and the other. So if I had to produce it at home from the living room, I would go in the red numbers already in the program.”

On the command can Huxi Bach, however, good heave a few positive stories out of his life in corona-quarantine.

“I have my children at home, and then I go and play with them. It’s great,” says Huxi Bach, who a year ago became the father of twins.

“It’s hard to find the positive stories, but here yesterday I got repaired my fence, which had been a stomskade. I also got the painted fence. So you do get made a little on the cadastre. A tiny mikropskopisk positive thing is there then,” he laughs.