Husband of Lolita wrote her statement to the police

Scandal divorces singer Lolita Dmitry Ivanov and his lawyer said the appeal to the police and accused the actress of defamation. This was announced during the program “Male / Female”.

Rambler wrote what is now the Lo is in the process of divorce from her fifth husband Dmitry Ivanov. In 2019, Ivanov filed a petition for divorce, as IBA said that he was cheating on her. The singer and her lawyer Sergei Zhorin achieve recognition of this marriage is a sham. While in an interview, Lo stated that he found drugs at his home and many SIM cards, which could belong to Ivanov.

During the program “Male / Female” Dmitry Ivanov said that outraged by this interview of the singer. And his lawyer said that Lolita has accused his client of committing heinous crimes – possession and distribution of drugs, for which faces up to 12 years of imprisonment.

“We have asked the police with two letters. The first thing we did law request for data on all cases of Lolita on this fact. And second, we asked for the adoption of the procedural decision on the fact of slander against Ivanov,” – said Gennady Udonna.

In the opinion of counsel, Lolita said about drugs, “to annoy” Dmitry Ivanov, as it became the singer’s “idee fixe”.