Hunting for life

In the NAO, the decision to limit the number of hunters, local residents proved that for them it is not just a hobby, but also an opportunity to replenish food stocks in a difficult time. Spring hunting on waterfowl in the area will be held from 16 to 25 may. One solution will produce up to 20 geese and geese, and 20 drakes. For the right of hunting will have to pay 650 roubles of the state duty or 455 rubles for electronic design.

In the Nenets Autonomous district each spring hunt of migratory birds. First they appear on the Kanin Peninsula, where lies the white sea-Baltic bird route. Local tundra becomes geese “rest” on the difficult path to breeding grounds. In ordinary spring came the hunters-tourists from different regions of the country. But this year, they introduced restrictions on the entry and import of hunting weapons in may and June.

In the Arkhangelsk region the tourists also do not wait, and local residents are asked to take not only the gun, but the passport with registration. Residents of the southern regions of Pomerania will be able to get food with accuracy from 1 to may 10, North – from 7 to 16 may. On the New Earth season will be held from 31 may to 9 June. The Ministry of natural resources of the region warned the gunners that they will have to comply with all sanepidnadzora, that is to hunt with clean hands and at a distance of not less than five feet from each other. Hunting permits in the NAO and Pomerania will also be issued with the observance of these antiviral measures.

Since may 1, allowed to hunt and local residents in Ugra. At the same time allows the work of organizations that sell hunting ammunition. Provided, however, that hunters will be party to bypass towns in the oil fields. Three days ago, all towns, where they live, shift workers, declared quarantine zones, to get in and out of them is almost impossible.