With the start of the new hunting year 2020/21 occurs at the 3. April in the country the change in the hunting season regulation in force, the Ministry announced on Thursday. The goal is to meet the increase in the wild stocks. The regulation was agreed in November 2019. Thus, among other things, the hunting seasons for deer, Red, fallow and mouflon are extended wild to six weeks, and on the 16. April brought forward. The Ministry intends to effect a synchronization of the hunting seasons in the Bowl game.

Böhning said, because of the extension of the hunting season for female Red and fallow deer, no additional animal will kill. Already yet this would be shot over the planned number. In addition, the anticipation of the hunt case in the time in which the Adults put their offspring. The hunt would lead to an unnecessary concern.

Critical Böhning sees the entry ban for hunters from other States due to the novel Coronavirus. Currently would have to wild pigs to be hunted, especially due to the Polish border, the African swine fever. On the other, will soon be laid Corn, which is increasingly black and wild on the fields locke. If the ban remains, and hunters are prevented from hunting, was quickly clarified, who pay for wildlife damage.