the Turkish-Greek border — collapse. In late February, Turkey announced the European Union that can no longer keep the refugees on their territory and open the border. In Greece flooded tens of thousands of people, overcoming on the way and the river, and barbed wire, and other border barriers.

This week, the Greeks saw four and a half years. Cost Erdogan to say about an open border, as a transition Castanea — Edirne turned into a battlefield 13 thousands of refugees with two thousand of the guards.

the Thin chain are the police: all — in helmets, with shields, all the masks.

At the very edge of Europe Janis Karagedik lives 86th year. Your neighbors know in four generations and the new does not intend to take.

“Over the years that I live here, we passed by thousands of migrants. I already learned Turkish! But now they see the police and go back from the border,” said Janis.

Border “on the lock” — the one with a fence, barbed wire, between Greece and Turkey, just 12 kilometers. The rest of the 180 line on the map: across the river and you’re in the EU.

all foreign rooms near the border the Greek authorities are sending a SMS: “don’t break the border and the law!” The trial of the first fifty detainees carried out over two days: the sentence – 3.5 years of prison each. Not helping.

“We are already scared, all sit at home. Every night someone comes through the border. We just recorded how many of them looked like, and call the police. If I put these people in my cab, I would have given 10 years”, told a Greek taxi driver.

But if something is willing to pay, the seller will be. For shipping from the Turkish camp to the border, 15 Euro for the crossing of the river — 96. And with shore to shore boats are leaving, as the pipeline. Trafficked more often at dusk. The day of the boat in the reeds.

However, wishing to prevent the flow of refugees toUDA more than those who are willing to make it. Here remember so well 2015, in the night’s watch on the border come out even farmers on tractors.

“the Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians, Somalis — that’s what we found. And we are told that we need to help the disadvantaged Syrians. The Syrians we didn’t see! Five years ago, and now. Erdogan is trying to achieve some of its goals. He is trying to benefit from Europe”, — assured the locals.

But migrants now are not waiting on the other side of the fence. The man with the inscription “Police” on the clothes in Turkish literally forces the passengers to storm the borders of the European Union.

And that, apparently, the punishment for those who didn’t try hard enough. There are still shooting footage allegedly Turkish police behind the backs of immigrants — all this is not officially confirmed, but it came to local news.

these are institutions — they can be found in any small town — simply called ‘Kafenion’. There is no menu, especially don’t care about the interior. Only tables, chairs, coffee and the obligatory TV. Something like a club for those who are older.

the Local “pique vests” from the 70’s and more. In a multi-way Turkish gambit here understand better than other scientists.

“We do not understand why we are sending these people. The Syrians were shooting at the Turkish soldiers, Turkey demanded an apology. But why should they apologize? They are on their land. They say: “do Not meddle with us, and we will not shoot”, — the locals say. — There’s always hope, but the political negotiations will not change the fact that these people want to go to Europe. Their is also a pity. Too bad that we ended up in this situation.”

Here generally like to talk about at the table, because culinary business popular. Apostolos Pasias bought a café in kilometre from the border crossing five years ago — just on the eve of the previous crisis of refugees.

“Now much worse situation. Then was readNY flow, but not so much. They don’t want to live here, they try to drive farther — to Germany, to France. But the problem is that they bring them back and then they have to feed and maintain,” says Pasias.

Now, because of the closed borders in the cafe almost anyone. In Greece, where they work sitting one in six adults — the empty tables — this sentence business, not to mention the fact that every day of skirmishes on the border, according to estimates by local media, cost the Treasury in 350 thousand euros. Some gas grenades out in seven pieces.

“We don’t want to shoot refugees. Since then, as they lied that the border is open, the situation became very difficult. Hungry people are always dangerous. But people who want to seek refuge do not throw stones at police. I think they want something different,” said one of the Greek police.

speaking of grenades. On some shots the people in a similar police uniform, obviously well organized, to shoot ammunition in the direction of the Greek border. And it is the migrants themselves. Somehow, too, with Arsenal. And here is a photo of themselves grenades. Published in the information channel of the government.

700 million euros to Greece recently, the European Union, in such a situation of way, and the warships which are to protect the borders in the Aegean sea. Recently on Lesbos rebellious refugees defeated the Orthodox Church. It is in Greece, where, as we are assured local, for every hundred people — the Church. Meanwhile, Erdogan said German Chancellor Angela Merkel that an agreement with the EU on migrants needs to be revised because it is not running. And with this now it’s hard to argue.

Text: “News of the week”