A hotel ship and a motorboat apparently collide on the Danube in Hungary. Two people lose their lives and others are missing.

A fatal ship accident occurred on Saturday evening in the Hungarian municipality of Veröce in Pest County. As the ORF reports, a hotel ship was probably involved in a collision with a motorboat on which eight people were. Two passengers lost their lives, one person was rescued with injuries, while the search for other passengers is still underway.

The police were alerted by an emergency call – an injured, bleeding man was found near Veröce who reported a boat accident. This prompted officers to immediately investigate and conduct a search.

The bodies of a man and a woman were recovered and the damaged motorboat was brought ashore, according to ORF. The ensuing investigation led officers to a hotel ship near Komarom that had damage to its side walls.

The exact affiliation of the hotel ship is currently uncertain, as are the exact circumstances of the tragic incident.

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