Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic have violated following a ruling by the European court of justice in the refugee crisis against EU law. The three countries would not be able to refuse, the EU decisions on the redistribution of asylum seekers from Greece and Italy to implement, was the opinion of the judges in Luxembourg on Thursday.

Background are two majority decisions of the EU member States by 2015, according to which up to 160,000 asylum seekers should be distributed within the EU. This should relieve Greece and Italy.

Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic refused, however, persistently implement the decision, although the ECJ confirmed the legality of which in a later judgment. The EU Commission, which monitors in the community, among other things, the compliance with EU law, complained against the three countries.

sentencing has not yet named

A sentence is not notified of the ECJ on Thursday. The EU Commission would have to call the court again and financial penalties. Then the court would calculate the amount of the penalty. The duration and gravity of the infringement are taken into account, but also the economic strength of the country.

The EU has been at odds for years fiercely about their asylum policy. Countries such as Greece, Italy and Spain to the southern call for external borders, a Reform of the so-called Dublin rules. Thereafter, that state is usually for an asylum application, on the ground of the protection has entered the end of the first European soil. Countries such as Hungary, Poland or Austria, but are opposed to categorical, mandatory asylum-seekers. After Easter, the EU wants to present Commission, under Ursula von der Leyen, a new “migration Pact”.

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