Washington made the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, in his “black list”, which means a ban on entry into the United States. The sanctions also apply to the spouse Kadyrov Medni Kadyrov and his daughters Aishat Kadyrov and Karina (of Khadizhat) Kadyrov. Since many Russian human rights activists clearly do not favor the head of one of the Caucasian regions of the country, it was logical to assume that they will be satisfied with the decision of the state Department. “MK” asked to comment on “anti-Kadyrov” sanctions Lev Ponomarev and Igor Kalyapin.

it is Not clear why the United States so late imposed personal sanctions against Kadyrov, says the Chairman of the national public organization “For human rights” Lev Ponomarev. It is useful for Russia, it helps her be cleansed from all defilement. “For anybody not a secret: Chechnya is not subject to national legislation, as Kadyrov made in Russia own some totalitarian state, where people are tortured, killed, kidnapped”. As for the ban on entry for members of the Kadyrov family, then, according to Ponomarev, he doesn’t know how I would have done in place of the Americans, who made such a decision.

“Officials in Washington somewhat overestimate the impact of such sanctions, – says the Chairman of the interregional public organization “Committee against torture” Igor Kalyapin. – Neither the head of Chechnya, or his immediate relatives in the United States are not. For the very same Kadyrov does not exist or Europe or America, and it is no agony about falling into the “black list” experience will be. Rather, for him this is another reason to indicate to Moscow on his loyalty to the Federal center.”

Confused, however, adopted sanctions against the household Ramzan Kadyrov: this practice is not quite legal, and other restrictive measures related to the entry into the United States. Probably, says Kalyapin, the family members are innocent and do not understand what did the main man.