At the beginning of the new year, supermarkets and discounters are massively raising the prices of many groceries. According to information from FOCUS online, at least 20 products are affected. How consumers can save, what to look out for when shopping.

Next price shock in the supermarket.

Retailers such as Rewe, Edeka, Netto Marken-Discount, Lidl, Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord have raised prices in rows. Over 100 price changes have been registered in the branches since the beginning of the year.

FOCUS online is the new price table. We show everything that has become more expensive in the past three days. The price development for margarine is particularly strong. Here the price rose by a whopping 40 percent.

Rewe and Edeka branches now charge EUR 1.99 (instead of EUR 1.89) for the Golden Toast branded product.

The branded margarine from “Lätta” rose to 2.29 euros (from 2.19 euros).

Customers now pay EUR 1.49 (instead of EUR 1.39) for quark in a 500-gram pot.

Whipped cream, coffee cream, creme fraiche, yoghurt and hard cheese rose in price by a good 10 percent. A number of cheeses and sausages also cost more now. In an Edeka branch, customers pay 2.49 euros for the 130-gram pack of the “Grünländer” brand. At the end of the year, the product still cost 2.39 euros,

Good preparation and effective tips can save a lot of money every month. Ideally, families reduce their expenses by up to 140 euros a month – i.e. almost 35 euros per purchase.

Browse the supermarket catalogues. In this way, you are informed during your weekly shopping which products are particularly worthwhile. Write down the offers on a savings slip. Also, look for coupons in apps to save money locally too. Possible savings? Up to 50 percent off the regular price.

Make a meal plan for a week. What do you want to eat on which days of the week and what foods do you need for this? With good preparation, you can save up to 50 euros per month because you do without “spontaneous purchases”.

Now use the menu to make several shopping lists – for each supermarket that you need to go to for the weekly shop. What ingredients do you need for the menu? What groceries do you need for the pantry? The most important question is: Where can you buy the groceries you need at a low price?

With such a list, you not only buy the groceries that you really need, but also always the cheapest bargains. The possible savings are around 50 euros per month.

Before you go shopping, calculate how much money you will need for groceries. This avoids expensive spontaneous purchases.

Pay attention to the basic price on the shelf. This always indicates the full kilo or liter price. This allows you to better compare the individual brands.

Saving does not mean doing without! For example, if you eat strawberry jam for breakfast in the morning, you don’t have to do without it because the price for the branded product is now over three euros per jar. If you are interested in the own brands “Rewe”, “Ja”, “Gut

If you shop just before the store closes, you will often find good deals – especially in the vegetable, fruit, meat and yoghurt counters. At the weekly market or at the bakery, customers also get up to 50 percent. Don’t be afraid to ask the seller for discounts.

To keep track of your finances, you should pay in cash and not by card.