The proceeds alone, in the private customer business had climbed to a record value of equivalent of EUR 46.2 billion euros (51,7 billion Swiss francs), as the third largest Smartphone manufacturer in the world announced on Friday. Overall, global sales increased by 19.5 percent to 95.5 billion euros. The net profit climbed by 25 per cent to 7.9 billion euros. In 2017, he had risen to 28 percent.

especially in the United States is accused of Huawei, also by official Agencies, its network technology for the mobile radio to serve the Chinese government as a means of espionage. The company has rejected the allegations.

The U.S. government has asked Germany and other Western governments repeatedly, Huawei suspicion of Espionage by the construction of the new generation of mobile communications (5G). On Thursday, the British government’s Huawei accused of new security gaps in its products.