After the great HSV-quake with the K. o. for the chief Executive Bernd Hoffmann (57) and the resignation of the Supervisory Board Boss of the Max-Arnold Köttgen (62), Marcell Jansen (34) now the strong man in Hamburg.

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Monday to send the new Supervisory Board Chairman, in a Video conference in his first appearance.

The core message: Jansen opens the door for further share sales to Major shareholder Klaus-Michael Kuehne (82). The billionaire currently owns 20.6 per cent of the shares in the HSV football AG.

Jansen: “I can only say that we are with our bodies and the supporters (Fan Association, ed.) closely in exchange. The issue of equity is always an important issue. You have to watch what you can get of options to get strengthened by means of Corona? It is to look at all scenarios.“