How to reduce the risk of Contracting coronavirus while leaving the apartment

Employees of management companies must now conduct regular disinfection of common areas of residential buildings. Processing are subject entrances, lobbies, halls, corridors, Elevator lobbies and cabs, stairs and landings. It is necessary to carry out wet cleaning and handling of the disinfectant door handles, light switches, handrails, railings, mailboxes, window sills, lift call buttons on the floors, snaps orders to the Elevator cabin, mirrors in elevators, buttons, intercom and other contact surfaces of the common areas. In the presence of garbage you need to handle the door handles and the boot valve. Damp cleaning with application of disinfectants should be performed at least once a day. Premises where the cleaning should be at least four times a day to ventilate.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG Russia recorded 601 new case of coronavirus in 32 regions

For disinfection cleaning staff of management companies must have at least two buckets: one for washing and desoribed flooring and the second for washing and treatment of the walls, doors, door handles, Windows, handrails, etc. they Have, respectively, two sets of rags.

For the disinfection of door handles, Elevator buttons, mirrors, buttons, intercoms need to use a spray bottle with disinfectant solution. You need to clear these elements from dirt, then apply disinfectant solution, soak it for at least 20 minutes, and then rinse with clean water.

Residents are advised to use gloves, and after pressing the Elevator button or touch up any surfaces in the entrance unprotected by the glove hand treat the skin with alcohol wipes or antiseptics.

Household garbage, including used for the prevention of medical gloves and masks should be Packed in double garbage bags durable, close tightly and carry it away in place for waste collection.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS Moscow Authorities explained, who will be fined for violation of isolation

Linens and clothes should be washed using conventional powders, but in water of temperature not below 60℃.

Street shoes can be disinfected by wiping with a sponge or cloth using detergents household chemicals with disinfectant.

When using disinfectants it is necessary to observe precautions in accordance with the instructions, remind the CPS. Be sure to use personal protective equipment, including gloves.

Also in Department remind that coughing, speaking, sneezing at a distance of less than two meters, contamination with a coronavirus. It is recommended to observe the minimum distance.