chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD means in English, is one of the most common non-infectious diseases. In Switzerland, the lungs are affected League estimated that around 400’000 people. The world health organization (WHO) estimates that there is around 251 million cases in the year 2015.

some three million people died 2015 from the disease. That it was cases the reason of five per cent of all deaths in this year. In the statistics of the deaths from the disease in the industrialized countries, the fourth place and according to the WHO, up to the year 2020 on the third advance.

the smoke of the lungs called COPD in people’s mouth. This is mainly that around 90 percent of Patients are smokers or former smokers.

What is COPD?

The Lung Association that COPD is a slowly progressive, chronic lung disease. Is characterized by an increasingly worsening lung function due to a progressive narrowing of the Airways ends.

The narrowing of the Airways result in the body is insufficiently supplied with oxygen. This in turn has a number of consequences. So the circulatory System and the muscles are compromised and full power, therefore, are not capable of. In the case of a high severity of the disease, it is even possible that organs are damaged. For this reason, it is important not to let the symptoms at an early stage of a physician. The disease affects more the breathing. This can lead to respiratory failure. The disease is far advanced, are instructed the patients to additional oxygen supply, and can physically afford less and less.

the trigger for COPD in the majority of cases, the Inhalation of pollutants over a longer period of time. Smokers are affected the most, but also painters, carpenters, or farmers can become ill due to your work environment to COPD. The experts at the Lung Association: “stress is Probably also genetic factors play a role in the pathogenesis of the disease. There is no Test that can predict whether someone will develop COPD.”


Typically, the disease manifests itself at the beginning of the so-called AHA-symptoms. the A uswurf, H usten in the Morning and A temnot. Often the symptoms are neglected, but for a long time, and the disease is detected in the advanced stage, when large parts of the lung tissue are destroyed.

for many Years, inhaled pollutants such as cigarette smoke or fine dust, paralyze, or destroy the so-called flicker of the respiratory cilia-way. These are actually meant to expel mucus from the lungs. To make matters worse, the sick, the lungs produce more mucus than healthy. The slime must be from the lungs by coughing transported.

the disease affected cough often in the Morning. Most of the time you don’t have got used already to the fact that it strikes you even more.

The worst episode of COPD the shortness of breath is. The chronic inflammation and the tenacious mucus narrow the Airways. The body receives less oxygen, which makes it less resilient. At the beginning of the shortness of breath be felt only in larger efforts, but later in retirement.

the long-term consequences of COPD, heart failure, heart disease or lung failure can be. Infections in people with weakened lungs more harm than good in healthy.

diagnosis and treatment

If you suspect COPD is, you should definitely go to the doctor. The disease is diagnosed by a questionnaire and by pulmonary function test.

COPD is not curable and for a long time mostly unnoticed. The disease is 40, the lung League, according to the rule between the. and the 55. The age of discovered.

If the disease is detected early enough, the progression of the disease, with drugs to slow down, and with physical Training can improve the performance. Mandatory smoke-stop and in every stage of the disease. As a further destruction of the lungs is prevented. (lum)