You should never underestimate the special bond a girl has with her mother. They share the most intimate details freely. A daughter will go to her mother for advice about the most difficult and personal aspects of their lives. This is because her mother is the person who will love them forever and with an unconditional love that is impossible to replace.

With this in mind, you should consider how important it will be to “win” the heart of your girlfriend’s mother if you hope to build a beautiful and long-lasting relationship with your girlfriend. Accomplishing this small miracle will make your life together sweeter and easier in the future. Father is important as well, of course, but the relationship you have with her mother will ultimately make or break your relationship.

With this in mind, here are some things to consider.

  1. Pay Attention to What She Says

Communication is the most important thing in any good relationship. If you want someone to feel trust and respect with you, take the time to listen. By giving your full attention to your girlfriend’s mother you will show her a depth of character she will greatly appreciate. Furthermore, it is only natural to reciprocate this attention and respect. Thus your capacity to listen and communicate well will form the foundation for a good relationship.

  1. Be The Person You Really Are

No one likes a fake or a pretender who tries to shift their personality and character to match their environment. Furthermore, no one can maintain pretenses permanently. Perhaps the deception will not be detected at first but when it is detected it will strike at your very identity and your girlfriend’s mom will not like it at all. You may have considerable differences and even personality flaws, but the worst thing you can do is try to hide them. Be yourself, be natural and you will be respected for it.

  1. Compliment Her

It may be hard to find something worth complimenting and giving a good compliment is an art. But, if you go slow and cautiously, you will find innumerable things you can use as healthy and hearty compliments. Try not to be fake, but you can feel free to lie through your teeth in this one instance. Tell her the meal was delicious and you have never tasted such exquisite meatballs. Yes, your deception may be detected, but here is one place where it will also be appreciated. The alternative could be a fatal mistake. 

  1. Remember Her Birthday

Want to be a hero of elephantine proportions? Remember your girlfriend’s mom’s birthday. This really requires no effort whatsoever and the payoff is nothing less than cosmic. A simple phone call, potted plant or kind gesture will make you appear charming, thoughtful and gallant. If you want to take it to the next level visit and find the perfect gift. 

  1. Grooming is Nice

Keeping clean, smelling nice, having your teeth cleaned at the dentist and getting a haircut are all things that will make you look good in the eyes of any mom – even your own. If you are unsure, speak with your girlfriend about the outfit you think her mom will find attractive.

  1. Help Her

If you are conscious of what she is doing and are quick to step in and lend a hand, you will melt hearts. Be an attentive guest when at her home and be sure to offer to set the table, help with dishes and run out for ice, candles or anything else she may need. Show her that her trust and confidence in you will never be misplaced.