the Situation on the labour market in Russia more or less stabiliziruemost by the end of June — by this time, according to the latest forecast, will earn the majority of enterprises. Encouraging data announced labor Minister Anton Kotkov. The resumption of production is certainly good, but they need someone to work. All-Russian two-month quarantine, pandemic COVID-19, left without the income of many citizens. But the removal of the regime of isolation pushed the Russians to a new search of work. What qualities of potential employees are primarily interested in employers and through which resource is the fastest way to find a job, read in the material “MK”.

In the labor market during the regime of isolation has changed is not so much the number of vacancies, how many sectors to experience growth or decline proposals. The decline in the number of vacancies has occurred in areas that are most affected by the temporary closure of the business: fitness industry, entertainment (movie and other), automotive business, transport, construction, food retail.

But at times increased offer remote work: in the sector of science, education, Internet, Telecom, it, security, marketing, advertising, PR, law, banks, investment — remote work now offer much more, says first Vice-President of “OPORA Russia” Paul Segal. Also, according to him, employers have been actively looking for couriers and drivers. For example, the number of vacancies of messengers in the first week of April in Moscow increased by 10% compared to last year. This was reported in the analytical service Avito Work.

“Among the candidates has increased the demand for additional income — the number of people wishing to find work increased by 35-40% compared to the same period last year. The Russians offer courier services, office equipment, it services”, — said the expert. Segal is convinced that after the epidemic will remain a high demand for professionals who can work remotely.

During the quarantine and non-working days it was hard to find and hire employees. Therefore, vacancies have long remained unclosed. However, the lifting of the lockdown has led to a revival of interest from applicants. In search of new employment, they will be able to help assistant Avito Work.

a Bot frees potential employees need to fill out information about yourself and spend time searching for suitable vacancies. In the dialogue it says the user age, desired position and location. If the applicant is looking for a job just near to the house, the bot immediately offers the next options. In General, the assistant Avito does everything himself: finds suitable jobs, and if they did not come, it sends not yethow much. It’s simple, and most importantly — fast, which is extremely important in pandemic conditions.

By the way, Avito Work reported that their bot will be able to help those who have cut back during the crisis. “Avito will find information about layoffs directly from companies, and to offer their former employees new jobs,” — told in the company.

“the job Search is also a kind of painstaking work that requires patience and, most importantly, time, says category Manager Avito Dmitry Puchkov. – Applicants mentally accustomed to, that out of ten vacancies are suitable at the best one or two. In some cases, the timing inappropriate, in others the place of work is at the other end of the city, and spend every day time and money on the road quite profitable. Assistant Avito allows you to find jobs just a couple of minutes, and if suddenly they do not fit, it will immediately offer several. I hope that now the job search will become faster, and everyone will find a suitable option”.

According to experts, the pandemic has led to an increased demand for couriers at delivery services with a personal car and, of course, the doctors. “Increased demand for highly skilled professionals in the IT sector, as because of pneumonia, the majority of companies began to transition employees to udalenku, — says the managing partner of the communications Agency B&C Agency of Mark Sherman. — Companies looking for cloud services for data storage, high quality instant messaging and video communications for conferences and planning meetings”.

Analysts believe that the knowledge of modern instant messengers, high-speed Internet connection and powerful computer, and willingness to work in “torn” mode, greatly increase the chances of applicants for this position.