How to handle smartphone from coronavirus: advice for

Specialists of “Kaspersky Lab” told about the correct ways of handling the smartphone on the surface of which may contain dangerous pathogens. The best tools that you can find in everyday life, will become ethanol and isopropyl alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite.

According to experts, the coronavirus can get on a mobile device in two ways: with tiny droplets when a sick person coughs, or if the user before touching infected surfaces. Clear the smartphone is better – each time to return home.

the Most gentle for disinfection called isopropyl alcohol, for example, in the form of a spray or wet wipes. This substance does not spoil the oleophobic coating on the display that allows the finger to slide easily over the surface and leave the smaller prints.

As a second option we can consider the ethanol and hydrogen peroxide. However, often the coating, they can damage the coating. “The optimal concentration of isopropanol – 70-80%. More pure alcohol evaporates too quickly, and for best results, the disinfectant solution must hold on the surface for about a minute, said “LUX.” – The lower the concentration, the lower the efficiency. So to use compounds with an alcohol content much less than 70%, that is to say, vodka is ethyl alcohol, or a car ‘omyvayki’ is isopropyl, better not”.

In the charging port, audio Jack and other openings to pour disinfectants is impossible. It is better to impregnate them with cotton and carefully handle the device from all sides. As for or chlorhexidine miramistina, these funds do not help too from the coronavirus, added in “LK”.

According to new research, coronaviruses may to nine days remain on the metal, glass and plastic – the materials from which made modern electronics. What other ways can be disinfected smartphone read in this article.

Free to decontaminate surfaces.osti mobile devices, including Russia, offers Samsung. And Apple because of the pandemic coronavirus previously were first allowed to handle the iPhone and other your devices in a new way.

Text: To.Hi-tech