Perhaps the most popular online library. You can read both new items and classics. Available for reading online and downloading ebooks. Supported formats include FB2, EPUB (for iOS devices), TXT, RTF, PDF, HTML and Mobi. There’s an app for iOS and Android.

Unjustly deprived of attention store of e-books. Prices in the Google quite comparable to those Litres. From obvious minuses of Google Books – the lack of audioverse. In addition, the Google Books do not exist on iOS, so Apple fans will have to look for alternatives.

In 2020 in the Russian Apple store is still no books on “great and mighty”. But if you do not mind this point, it is a very good option to free practice reading in the language of Shakespeare. The books offer Apple adventures of Sherlock Holmes, “Love of life” Jack London, “War and peace” by Leo Tolstoy. Negative, as in the case with the books from Google only one ePub format are only supported on iOS operating system.

MyBook uses a library of Litres, but operates on a subscription model. Instead of buying each book separately, you need to pay a certain amount. There are two subscription options standard at a price of 229 rubles per month (this does not include the fresh arrivals of books, business books and audiobooks) and premium (549 rubles per month) – access to the directory service. There are apps for both iOS and Android.

Service for reading e-books from the American Amazon. Books in Russian, alas, no, but in English you can find there almost everything.

the Prices in the store are in dollars, but in the Top 100 Free you can see what popular books are distributed on the service now.

the same as MyBook, Bookmate operates on a subscription model. There are three options – 499 rubles per month, 1497 rubles for 3 months and 4990 rubles a year.

the Service allows you to download books that were purchased on other platforms.

in addition, you can select the language for displaying the website itself. 2 supported formats – ePub and fb2. Bookmate is suitable for those who loves to read in both English and Russian.

for Free you can see the works of school literature, which is especially useful to high school students.