How to escape from a panic during a pandemic

Professor of psychology at Yale University and the author of the popular online course, "the Science of well-being" (The Science of Well-Being) Laurie Santos told RIA Novosti about the ways to maintain happiness and well-being during the pandemic coronavirus.

"My three advice to you is to try to maintain social engagement through technology, to follow a certain regime, especially physical exercise, and regular sleep, and meditation, which will relieve the tension in this terrible time," she said.

Coursera course at Yale University "the Science of well-being" is gaining popularity. As told to the author in March on the background of the pandemic and due to her isolation, the number of students has tripled. "the Science of well-being" taught during the quarantine of over a million people.

According to Santos, the course gives is especially needed today, backed by real examples of strategies that people can use to keep a positive attitude and become happier during the current crisis.

"I Think that people need specific ways to improve your mental health at this time", – says Professor of psychology.

According to Santos, in her course the students "learn strategies which, as demonstrated by science, what really matters for happiness, such things as the need to find time to socialize, feelings of gratitude and the importance of healthy habits such as sleep, meditation and exercise."

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