Experts from Royal College of General practitioners in the UK explained how not to confuse an Allergy on flowering, which occurs to many people each spring, and the primary symptoms COVID-19. The main difference, according to experts, is the temperature and annoying coughing and severity of symptoms, the newspaper Daily Mail.

we All know that usually the people suffering from the so-called hay fever (or allergies to the finger), with the onset of the pores of flowering stuffy nose, you receive watery eyes, sneezing, and sometimes cough. And because the last person might have contracted the coronavirus. Not to be deceived and to take the necessary measures, experts from the Royal College suggest to pay attention to the severity of symptoms. In the case of allergies they have different “torture” in different times of day as morning and evening pollen more than a day. In addition, allergic reaction is weakening, if the street is wet weather.

Doctors also recommend Allergy sufferers to rely on their own experience: people who are already not the first year that suffer from hay fever know how they have manifested. If this time there is a kind of “deviation from the norm”, that is the time to isolate themselves.

However, the main difference between allergies and a coronavirus is the presence of high temperature. If the cough is still possible to doubt, that temperature is a definite sign of COVID-19.