How to cope with stress good intentions

what it is: why good intentions “to learn English” many remained in the plans?

Svetlana Kachmar: But we have only the illusion of free time, in fact it is almost there: work, even on remote, kids, household chores really fill the day. It is routine and we usually don’t consider how much effort it takes. But that’s not it. Brain works hardly, no strength, and the initial fuse is slowly disappearing. This high cortisol. It is possible to complete the project in three days, but it is impossible to make long-term plans and dream. A perfectly normal defensive reaction of the organism.

Photo: iStock Finnish scientists have figured out how stress affects life expectancy

After all, look what happened to our psyche. We were in a situation in which nobody visited. We have the usual off the line, missing the knurled routes cleared plans for life, for a year, for a month. And all around is changing rapidly. We are more than two weeks living in an era of change and I can not say that they will end soon. We got a brand new life rules, which were not prepared. It is a great stress. The body can not cope with a situation of unpredictability and so many new. New stops we like to be fun. On the contrary, it scary or unsettling, depending on the peculiarities of our nervous system. And the brain signals: “Okay, stop! Now is not a good time for self-development, physically need to survive.” And what do I need? To eat and sleep.

Especially often this reaction happens in people of intellectual labor. My friends: “Sleeping, not in yourself! Wake up and dream again”. This is a known regression mechanism to the head is not overextended in a situation when we are scared, offtea the flow of incoming information.

But many now, on the contrary, hiperactividad: someone constantly puts in their commercials with the dancing, tips on losing weight, cooking, someone fell into economic rage…

Svetlana Kachmar: we Have very different positions all have very different source data, so a universal Council in principle can not be. To deal with stress is not necessary, wrestling requires a great deal of stress. So you need to adapt and try in the new as to learn to live.

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti the Psychologist gave advice to parents of children with disabilities

Adaptation occurs approximately in such a scenario: first comes not that euphoria, but some strength when we think here we move mountains and soon will get through it. Then begins a stage of disillusionment, because it will stressful situation does not go away and I don’t know what to do next. And here is the crisis: an internal conflict with myself, the pressure and revise their habitual patterns of behavior. The reason for this may be the most insignificant things. After all, in everyday life we did many things on the machine, and now have lost this opportunity. For example, went to work at his favorite track, and now have nowhere to go.

Only the next stage of adaptation leads to constructive work. Most importantly, do not try ourselves by the collar to pull and rush. All the stages of the crisis need to live.

Each overcomes a stressful situation in its own way. One friend in quarantine before you sit down at the computer, be sure to dressed in fancy clothes. So it is easier to enter into a working mood. What would you advise?

Svetlana Kachmar: Man is a biological creature, will not dénesSya. Now, scientists have observed how an animal is saved from stress. If, say, the orangutan may not hold a dominant position in the pack and stressed from this, he begins to chew on a stick. Or find another occupation to replace the one that he wants to do. It is a simple way to relieve stress: how to make a simple thing that brings satisfaction. You can “chew on some sticks”: pies, curtains, cleaning. No need to eat yourself because you have something there do not. All do not. Most of us cannot affect either the fate of the world nor the future of their family.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS, MOE advised the Russians to increasingly turn to psychologists

If it’s more serious and ongoing concern, the first thing I would recommend is to count your resources. The easiest way translated material resources. In the literal sense. How long do I have money? How many packs of pasta? How much soap? Portion to allocate to reserve. It is not that kind of war situation to come and have food to share, and that stock availability relieves the mind from anxiety.

relatively speaking, you have a hundred rubles, 50 – postpone, for 45 I live now and 5 rubles should be left for a nice “garbage”. Without a nice “bullshit” hard obscure times.

you say that high cortisol is not to dream…

Svetlana Kachmar: we are Talking about long term plans. It is hard to plan for week or month, and day. In addition to business Affairs, the plan entered domestic Affairs, what to read and watch today are the children etc. But again no need to try to push him all things on earth. And GLanoe: you need to enter at least one pleasure a day. It’s a must. Very simple. To talk to my husband in the evening in the kitchen. Or soak in the tub in the fragrant foam. Or to paint. In the end, to eat ice cream is in the fridge and waiting in the wings.

But it is important to listen to yourself, not to drive yourself into a corner. For those who are “chaotic” and loves all of these plans, on the contrary, one can imagine that there is a unique opportunity to live without a plan: do whatever you want, can find in creative flight. So behave little one now it turns out that even the famous writers complain that can’t write. But worth a try.

On Youtube there are a lot of spots where superprofessionalnyh fitness trainers offer all sorts of options works over my body… But somehow the mood of these sessions soon deteriorates…

Svetlana Kachmar: Support at a time like this can and exercise. But someone really does not fit what you say. You need to start your day with a pleasant: to breathe, to stretch, to do normal exercises, do remember that you have a body, and it should serve you in good stead, not only “to ache back ache neck.” Do a lot of bodily in coping with stress. This explains why often do not work offers something magical to watch or listen to.

But it is important to understand that sooner or later almost all of us adapt. A state of apathy, which many now complain that it is a temporary story, it will pass. We will look about, get used, begin to plan more than two days in advance, and will be much easier.

Sorry for the blasphemous question, in a small apartment to have a rest from children?

Svetlana Kachmar: If you have the so-called “maternal Stroganoff” when children clusters you hang on and “tortured” my love, it is necessary to allocate in your schedule for 15 minutes a day of solitude. To close, even in the bathroom and say: “do Not enter! Nose bite!”

Photo: iStock the Psychologist gave advice on the “soft” release from stress

a Famous story about the wife of American pastor with 11 children. In the evening she covered the head with her apron and said, “I’m going to talk to God, to touch me is impossible, because this connection is much less strong than cell. It’ll break”. Children are imbued, but the mother with an apron on the head looks, of course, quite ridiculous.

“a pleasure a day, for example, to talk to my husband” – quote you. And what if the beloved husband is “sick” for a week quarantine?

Svetlana Kachmar: Well, it’s clear state. We’re not usually spend so much time together, we have a different nervous system, different speeds we drive in stress. “Fed up”? Leave him alone. If possible, go to your rooms. It’s okay if quarantined, you will not communicate a lot. This is a normal story. Adaptation will come, and you’ll appreciate the opportunity to be together. But this is only if the husband is the favorite.

what can cause “zapivanie” stress?

Svetlana Kachmar: It is an illusion that drinking helps with stress. Alcohol is an absolute Downer. If you realize that you wanted to get drunk or, God forbid, “to repeat” every day, it is a signal that you have problems and should give up alcohol altogether, but rather go on breathing practices, meditation or the bathroom. Unfortunately, in the situation in which we have got, to psychological, psychiatric or substance abuse treatment will be difficult.