How to choose the right disposable gloves

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/ WG the Cabinet has limited the size of the margins on the mask and gloves 10 cents

materials it is better to give preference to gloves made of nitrile. It is characterized by strength, elasticity, and, importantly, does not cause allergic reactions. The lining should ideally be made of cotton. This will keep your hands dry during all-time wear. From gloves made from latex, it is better to refuse. “During the treatment of the skin with antiseptic, rubbing alcohol, latex gloves lose their protective properties, becomes thinner and more permeable for microorganisms,” explained Olga Pashina. Although for a short visiting public places is fine.

Wear disposable gloves, as well as medical masks, it is recommended that no more than two hours. To wear them again is impossible. Gloves should be thrown out immediately after withdrawal. In this case, you need to adhere to step-by-step instructions.

Photo: Sergey Nikolaev Epidemiologist told that is afraid of the coronavirus

“take the First glove on the outer part of the palm area and pull it down, twisting to the outside. In this shot, the glove needs to stay in the hand with the glove that haven’t been removed. The second glove and begin to shoot inside, putting his finger under the seal and turn inside out so that the first glove inside the second,” continues Pashina. Minimized the gloves go in the trash. After that, you need to thoroughly wash hands with soap and water, further treating them with antiseptic.

alternative disposable rubber gloves can become tissue. After their trip to the store should be washed with soap and water, and not shooting with it. Then the gloves need to be removed and sent into the washing machine, choosing the temperature above 60 degrees. Not suitable for leather protection gloves – the material will not withstand treatment with disinfectants.

this attitude to wearing of gloves should be without fanaticism. According to the expert, their use during a visit to the store or pharmacy – only way to feel that there is additional protection. In everyday life it is enough to observe simple rules of personal hygiene: thoroughly wash hands with soap after returning from the street and treating them with antiseptic. Disposable gloves, first and foremost, you want physicians who are in direct contact with infected patients.