How to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Nikolai Nekrasov: Exhibitions, books, performances

“Nekrasov was not offended by the attention neither in Soviet times nor before the revolution, but has accumulated a number of problems, said Mikhail Seslavinsky. – You need to refresh, clear textbook manner. In order for youth Nekrasov was not associated with a sour face.”

Photo: Maxim Goncharov More than a hundred events will be held worldwide in the year of the anniversary of Ivan Bunin

Also talked about the plan of main events. The head of the Department of culture of the government of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky said that in the past with great success the exhibition “Russian hunting” was a special section dedicated to Nekrasov. And the center of festivities in Moscow will be, quite naturally, the library named after Nekrasov on Bauman street. There will be a “Day Nekrasov” with participation of Theatre of a name of Mayakovsky and “Workshop Brusnikina”. And in the Pushkin Museum in Prechistenka opens the big exhibition project “Nekrasov and Turgenev”.

Even more extensive are the plans of the all-Russian Pushkin Museum in St. Petersburg. Alleged exhibitions and working on repair of branch of the Museum, the Museum-apartment Nekrasov, where he passed most part of life of the celebrant, the Director of the Museum, the namesake of Nikolai Sergei Nekrasov. To repair by the Ministry of culture allocated 16 million rubles, said the head of the Department of regional development and priority projects of the Ministry of culture Olga Yurkova.

On his plans told the countrymen Nekrasov – Director of the Department of culture of the Yaroslavl region Marina Vasilieva and the Director of the Museum-reserve “Karabikha” Andrei Ivushkin. In Yaroslavl, and in Karabikha in the summer for many years held Nekrasovskiy holidays. And in 2014 they are in the village of Vyatsko – on the ancestral lands of Nekrasov.

In Yaroslavl scheduled for the anniversary of “Nekrasovskaya days” (scientific conferences, readings) during the winter. At the same time, 9-12 December 2021, in Karabikha the Congress of the Association of literary museums, said the Director of the Museum of the history of Russian literature, Dmitry Bak.

Test “homeland” in the writer’s Day – to guess his handwriting

“we Need to make exhibition projects at the current level, – said Mikhail Seslavinsky. – And then you come to another Museum-apartment – and right there hanging cobwebs of boredom”.

Maria Zalesskaya, zamglavnogo editor of the publishing house “Young guard”, said that in a series “Life of remarkable people” just got out the pen the biography of Nekrasov Mikhail Makeyev, in which the famous “poet and citizen” almost the first time presented as a successful entrepreneur, publishing magnate of the nineteenth century.

the Institute of Russian literature (Pushkin house) is preparing for the anniversary edition of three-volume collection of the poetry of Nekrasov, said the Deputy Director for scientific Affairs of the Pushkin house Sergey Guskov. In addition, they discussed issues study the works of Nekrasov in school and their inclusion into the system of school exams.