go crazy on a full moon, the people, really? The police in the two largest German-speaking Swiss cities agree. “In the Zurich city police,” media spokeswoman Judith Hödl, “says our staff the emergency call center actually get the impression that in nights of full moon received more calls and even more bets are made. In particular, calls already “known” people, the need, often, out of sheer conversation, in no. 117, accumulate in these nights.” A more accurate statistic would not lead the Zurich city police but.

Also, the cantonal police of Basel-Stadt and departments of the security police, the use of Central as well as the traffic police – clearly confirm the influence of Full and empty phases of the moon, and in particular the psychically sensitive or impaired persons.

The Thesis has a long Tradition: Already in the 1990s, appeared in the “mirror” article that the city’s police nights around full moon and empty moon, your staff, recourse to taps. This is because a statistics, showed that in these nights, more operations are needed – instead of an average of 188, it should be in these nights, around 50 more have been.

scientists argue whether or not there is really, what with the moon

“Humbug!”, have since responded to a variety of scientists. If you are coming to speak on the influence of the moon on people, this is, at least for physicists laughable, as in various books and Internet forums can be read. The moon, the Tenor, moving the tide and lead to the ebb and flood. This is a huge water body and it you could read no influence on the people, even if the human body consists largely of water.

The reason: The moon is so far away that the gravitational influence on the relatively small water mass of the human body is very low. Calculations show: A Fly flies past us, has, as regards the gravity, have a greater impact on our bodies than the moon.

the Newest studies on sleep are contradictory: researchers at the University of Basel discovered in 2013, that people were asleep during the full moon actually 20 minutes less, and in addition, in these nights, the other hormone levels were in Non-full moon nights. A larger-scale Munich study from the year 2017 comes to the conclusion that it was at all, no influence.

That individual people react to the full moon, but is actually rather strange, you might also notice at the entrance of the full moon-myth in the culture and language. In the English language about a “Lunatic” (from the French “lune”, so the moon) is a Lunatic. And in various books and films, it is also the full moon that triggers a transformation from man to Monster, is about a werewolf, and this is again in agreement with the experience of our police.