How Russia can play a positive role in the new world after the coronavirus

Among the trends, the contours of which very clearly manifested in the period of the pandemic, they allocate the final withdrawal into the past world of the last century, fragmentation of the world economy, growing inequality and social tensions, the request of the peoples of the medium and small countries for their own decisions. In addition, the growing threat of a split world and inadvertent war between the major countries, including nuclear. Finally, the growing challenge of environmental pollution and climate change. While the national elites in the different countries had the opportunity to attributed to the pandemic of these unresolved issues. But the reprieve is temporary, because quarantine measures threaten the pressing economic crisis, which, among other things, exacerbate the rivalry between the US and China.

At the presentation of the report, which is in the spirit of the time was spent in an online format, Sergei Karaganov suggested that you back up the success of Russia’s foreign policy ideas, which will reflect the needs of the internal development of the country and generate a positive contribution to world Affairs. The ideas themselves are simply reflected in the title of the report.

according to Karaganov, the three pillars on which could stick foreign policy of Russia the next 10-15 years has been its positioning as a main supplier of international security, the countries opposing the hegemony, which gives other peoples the freedom of choice of their own models and paths of development, and finally defender of the environment.

According to him, this can be added other components, as, for example, humanitarian and cultural, but the mentioned three, the authors consider reference. Including the fact that these ideas themselves are based on global trends such as the growing threat of war and conflict, the request for the sovereignty and diversity. And these trends are close and Russia.

Dmitry Suslov, in turn, noted that built on these ideas foreign policy does not impose on other countries, and aims to demonstrate the positive role of Russia in a world where many don’t want to choose between rival China and the United States.

In regards to international security and peacekeeping, the authors suggest to focus on “reducing the threat of war between nuclear countries, limitation of the arms race and strengthening peace in Europe, Asia and the middle East.” Because Moscow “has played a leading role in resolving international conflicts”. And the main platform for dialogue on these topics could be proposed by Russia, the meeting of leaders of permanent members of the UN security Council.

Experts stress the “urgent need policy to protect native wildlife, our Land and ourselves from the consequences of environmental change and pandemics”. Russia as a state where more than half of the territory is not affected by the operation��cord hi operation person, can make a leading contribution and to define the agenda in this area, according to the report. For example, use the Arctic as a hub for environmental cooperation or to promote cooperation in the field of elimination of consequences of technogenic and more frequent natural disasters and pandemics.

the Report was published “informative and very interesting”, and publish “relevant and timely”, so the Russian foreign Ministry will consider the ideas of authors on these topics. Moreover, they are consistent with the priorities on the foreign Ministry. This assessment document was given by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov, who took part in the presentation. According to him, in today’s difficult time, it is necessary to look at the opportunities.

the Diplomat agreed that the pandemic coronavirus “enhanced and accelerated” the struggle for leadership between the major powers, which is fraught with global conflicts. “Not eliminated the threat of nuclear war,” he added. According to him, “military forces are playing an increasingly important role in international relations in mind the weakening and destruction of time-tested international institutions of global governance and regimes of arms control”. “All this requires political and diplomatic response to shared global challenges. Growing objective demand for joint efforts of key international players to address them,” said he.

with regard to the preparation of the meeting of leaders of the “five” the UN security Council, it is gradually progressing, although a specific date is too early. It is about negotiations in the format and on the internal meeting, the agenda of which “is much broader”.

Their ideas on the international stage and offer other countries, including China and the United States. However, as noted Ryabkov, Washington often tries to make neighboring Russian States to make choices in the spirit of “with us or against us”. But, according to him, Moscow does not aim to win Washington’s ideological competition in these countries because “the depth of historical, cultural, human, economic and other relations” with Russia “immeasurably deeper, more fundamental and richer than anything the US offer as so-called alternatives”.

April 22, the day of the presentation of the report, for the 50th time celebrated Earth Day, designed to draw attention to the need for respect for the sensitive ecosystem of our planet. The report’s authors believe that our country can make a leading contribution to the global environmental agenda. What ideas Russia could offer to the world community in this sphere?

Sergey Ryabkov: Need a new climate agenda. Based on the fact that accumulated, you have to make the next step, not allowing speculation on the climate agenda to the detriment of the e��nomicheskoj development and social stability of individual countries and regions. It is necessary to depart from the usual principles and to formulate an agenda that will address the interests of all.

Now extremely sought-after consolidating Russia’s role as a responsible player. Russia fulfills all its obligations in this field.

Sergey Karaganov: Russia needs an independent environmental policy. Today, many current approaches are outdated, so Moscow could offer an equitable green policy. Among specific things – a new water policy for Asia or the initiative to generate funds grain under the auspices of the BRICS or the SCO.