With the controversial Zigi-sponsorship of the world Expo 2020 in Dubai has set Minister Ignazio Cassis (58) outside in the nettles. Its communication Department tried to justify the 1.8-million Deal with the tobacco company Philip Morris, among other things, that the group will apply in the Swiss pavilion, not a traditional cigarette, but only an “Alternative”.

throughout The pavilion, in which Switzerland is presented, should be smoked “is not a conventional cigarettes and no tobacco to be handed-related products,” the Department of foreign Affairs on request of a VIEW.

But how much is safe for such Alternatives in comparison with conventional Glimmstängeln are actually? Health scientists throw Cassis in an open letter indirectly, to be the PR for the tobacco industry food. The alternative products are not as straightforward as the manufacturers would have one believe.

there are Many uncertainties

there are Basically two types of cigarette substitute for the tobacco heater in the tobacco instead of burned, only heated, and so-called evaporator, which is not tobacco, but a liquid forms the base.

The problem with both of them: Since the devices are relatively new on the market, there is still no long-term studies that have explored the impact on health. First investigations show, however, that in this way the use of carcinogenic substances inhaled.

The Liquids of E-cigarettes contain additives that can cause irritation to the respiratory tract and possibly lung damage. The Federal office of public health therefore recommends to consume E-Cigs with caution.

The Federal office holding, but also, you assume that E-Cigs compared to conventional cigarettes “significantly less harmful”. Also E-Cigs can contain nicotine – the substance that makes people addicted to it. In E-Cigs no tar, which is particularly harmful to health, but.

What is tobacco heater, according to the world health organization that there is so far no evidence that these are less harmful than conventional tobacco products. Studies suggest that the heater was set significantly fewer harmful substances than normal cigarettes. These studies, however, have been in General of the tobacco manufacturers and, therefore, not independent. In addition, one could not conclude from this automatically that the health risk is accordingly low, says the WHO.

funds for Smoking-cessation?

The tobacco industry is promoting the alternative products as the ideal means in order from the Smoking habit to kick. A controversial message. It is widely acknowledged that vaping is that it’s better than Smoking. Even better, however, to dispense with both, as Specialists emphasized again and again.

in Addition, to criticise organisations that have not committed to Smoking prevention that the manufacturer in the advertising and often to this target group, but to the young customer segment. You see the danger that E-cigarettes make Smoking especially in young people with hip. E-Cigs could be so addiction to Nicotine and result in Smoking initiation, warns, for example, the lung League. A fear that the scientifically so far, but not harden left.

Cassis could not even spoken back

Also, with regard to tobacco sponsorship in Dubai, is the last word. The foreign Minister, Cassis checks, according to his spokesman, currently “its options for action” and will only decide after that, definitely.