North Rhine-Westphalia Economics Minister Andreas Pinkwart wanted to give on the subject of Corona emergency aid for freelancers and small entrepreneurs are not clear. Until Friday, the Online to stay closed Portal for needy applicants. The frozen payments to the recipient are known to be calling to his words, also only this week, slowly.

The FDP politician is aware of the urgency of the matter. The financial constraints in the absence of sales in the NRW economy will grow rapidly: “According to the queries of the chambers of industry and Commerce are already 14 percent of the small companies on the verge of bankruptcy,” said Pinkwart. Even more important, the stopped state emergency aid as quickly as possible to resume their work.

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the Corona works-Scam

cyber gangster had bypassed the emergency aid website of the provincial government for the depressed state of the economy and the financial injections will be redirected to their accounts abroad. The mesh was very simple: The crooks found pages on the net, the imitation deceptively, the emergency platform of the state government. In the same way as in the Original she asked the applicant via a questionnaire to its data. With the help of the spied info, the swindler in the name of the help requested from the company search on the real Homepage of the Ministry of economy of money resources. The fake help of just a Change in the real application: the account number contained however. The state gave donations to Bank accounts of the scammers ring.

The state police has now set up a ten-member investigation Commission, the fraud track. To make neither to the amount of the damage or number of victims was able to NRW-Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul for more information. In the Darknet, you Breasts with 4000 spied-on people. “The police 372 Ads have been received so far.”

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At the same time, dampened the CDU politician, the hope of a quick search successes: “they are all professionals with excellent IT skills that are hard to detect.” According to reports, the gangsters have a high level of German language skills. The crooks act, according to the foreign Server in the USA and in Slovakia.

Ganster also in other länder, on-the-go

in the Meantime, the Federal office for security in information technology have identified 104 Fake pages who also want in the other länder, with the immediate help of mesh clearance. Alone in NRW so far, seven domains were identified from the led Reul. “Five of them were switched off.” Two are still running, since the foreign Provider will refuse the shutdown are looking for the German authorities to comply with it.

Finally, the interior warned the Minister before that, fake NRW-help pages with the extensions “.info” or “.com“ menu.

More of the Coronavirus

in Order to close security gaps, the state government is also a protection mechanism for new applicants. Henceforth, the local financial offices check the specified IBAN number with your existing data to the client, in order to prevent payments to incorrect accounts. This had not previously been on basic legal privacy barriers. Only in this plight, you may have to resort to this means, it said.

applicants are in urgent need of money

Werner Müller (Name of dependent changed) from the vicinity of Düsseldorf hopes that those new arrangements will help him soon, to his much-needed financial support. Already on 28. March had applied for the self-employed massage therapist in the country on the real Homepage “” financial support. “In the course of the contact ban, I can no longer exercise my profession for weeks,” reports Müller.

FOCUS-Online-action #corona care: Germany helps!

The Corona-pandemic restricts the everyday life of the people in Germany. Especially for vulnerable groups such as seniors, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection. Therefore, now asked for solidarity! FOCUS Online has therefore launched the campaign “#corona care: Germany helps”. With you! All of the information you find here.

On the 30. In March, he received the letter of Approval from the district government of Düsseldorf. 9000 Euro should get the freelancer. “The IBAN number was correct, the notice was full but only as spelling errors.” Müller waited, but his account did nothing. A colleague was in the same position, the landing AIDS that have already been painted. “As the first reports due to the Corona scammers making the rounds, I thought at first, You’re a victim,” expresses the Masseur.

Müller surfed the Internet and found the Fake pages, but these bogus calls, he had not clicked set according to their own information. Consequently, the free-lance hooked end via e-Mail at the NRW authorities again: “Maybe the money is coming from yet,” sighs Miller. The hope dies last.

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