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help The Coronavirus keeps the world in breath Almost daily, politicians appear before the press to announce how you want to proceed. So far, output restrictions were imposed, the temporary closure of schools and daycare centers, as well as a contact ban. It’s also a huge financial injection in the conversation, to lead the economy through the difficult period. Civey How satisfied are the citizens with the Federal government

With the crisis management of the Federal government, showed a survey by the opinion research Institute Civey, according to 56.3 percent of the respondents satisfied. Only 30.4 percent said they were not happy with the actions of our politicians.

Civey of How satisfied the citizens are with their government

Bayern satisfied with crisis management, Berlin

At the country level, this Trend is reflected In nearly all of the länder, the survey respondents reported to be satisfied with the crisis management of the respective state government. In Bavaria whole 66.8 per cent of the people were even for the crisis management of the government. Only in Berlin the majority of respondents showed 48.7 percent of the dissatisfied with the crisis management of the country’s politics.

Civey What are the biggest problems during the pandemic,

contagion biggest danger in the case of citizens

the feeling of the people in this country, the biggest problems of the Corona pandemic? This question is a different Civey survey. For the vast majority of the study participants (43.8 percent) was the fear of the Coronavirus to infect, the biggest Problem of the current crisis. 24 percent of respondents reported fear of social Isolation. The fear of losing their jobs, on the other hand had only 15 percent of respondents. However, 60.7 percent saw their jobs as a result of the Corona-crisis as endangered.

Civey How long the restrictions will last

Civey also conducted a survey, which refers to the duration of the currently applicable restrictions. Most of the participants in the study (33.8 per cent) estimated their margin to two to three months. 17.7 percent of the respondents thought the social life would go more in five to seven weeks, back to normal. Most of the other respondents assumed, however, that the restrictions will last for four months or longer. Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease