What do we expect? The eyes from being in front of the monitor will have “computer vision syndrome”, they become dry and inflamed, vision is clouded. On the proteins will begin to appear on the red spots and under eyes – large bruises. Lack of physical activity and wrong posture will lead to a curvature of the spine, pain in back and neck pain, obesity, skin on the neck SAG, there will be a second chin. Vitamin D deficiencies will cause hair loss, skin pale, becomes dull and covered with wrinkles. Finally, employees working remotely will always be in stress, which will cause the mode of operation and the lack of personal contacts. This, in turn, increase blood pressure, and health status will further deteriorate.

What to do? Tips obvious. To engage in regular physical exercise and to go out, consume a minimum of calories. Psychologists say that long periods of loneliness can lead to higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Therefore, I advise you to look for opportunities for informal communication.