In times of Corona-crisis and the domestic Isolation for many people, a Phase of contemplation. After the shocking news of the death cases, the daily declared, to but also fear.

right now, we have to rely on mutual solidarity. Politicians should present insightful and gracious – especially in authoritarian countries such as Turkey, where the level of trust in the ruling Elite is already shaken.

Unfortunately, seems to be missing just a minimum of Reflection. The repressive style of leadership goes on, with relish, journalists, and dissenters are put at the end because of their political attitude to the prison. Apparently, the pressure increases even more.

detention of journalists: No end in sight

In Ankara, the Turkish Parliament has now adopted a legal regulation, with the 90,000 prisoners from the prisons to be released – they should be protected against the Coronavirus. This regulation does not apply but, for journalists and political prisoners, even though they may actually never be arrested would be.

Instead, the government approved another law, which could facilitate the detention of journalists. So far, persons who have been sentenced to terms of imprisonment of 18 months were given the opportunity to remain on probation of the detention spared.

This should be final, and an 18-month sentence must be served in 40 percent of cases in the prison. This Change could be the Instrument to convict journalists or otherwise thinking more chains you create.

in other words, Ankara will use in the days of the Corona-crisis yet more critical voices and the judiciary, his Power to expand.

The judiciary in the grip of Erdogan

The increasing influence of politics on the judiciary in Turkey is a far-reaching Problem. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan makes no secret of his influence: he is criticizing, raging, ranting, when he is with court orders dissatisfied.

As the business man and activist Osman Kavala during the Gezi process two months ago, surprisingly, acquitted, it was, he did immediately, his opinion on this. In allusion to the Hungarian billionaire George Soros, he said, there are types who wanted to disturb the country by rebellions.

The Turkish offshoot of this Mission was Kavala. Outer powers had attempted to get to Kavala with a maneuver again. Erdogan’s Expression seemed to have borne fruit: Kavala was re-arrested before he could leave the prison at all.

How many more political prisoners and journalists, the sit is currently in prison, usually without evidence or basis in law, will also benefit from Kavala from the new “Corona”regime.

journalists are one of the “hazards” for the AKP government. They criticise the fact that Erdogan might have to be hesitated for a long time, as it was about to take measures against the spread of the Virus. They criticise the fact that Erdogan, instead of the state aid made a call for donations among the population.

With investigations against Corona doubters

Erdogan in front of goes against his critics: Last week, he presented a criminal complaint against the popular presenter Fatih Portakal. Had previously criticized the Corona-donate campaign on Twitter.

Portakal will soon appear before the judge – just as it will be for many more journalists, raising the admonishing Finger against the government.

Those who stand in Turkey for democracy, freedom and the rule of law, and their voices against arbitrary arrests and injustice rise up, fight against the wind mills.

are you looking for something that is not there to find justice in a country full of injustice.

author: Hülya Schenk

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