How does it feel to be infected COVID-19 and not be able to do the test

69-year-old retired firefighter, did not suspect that all will be so launched. He said that the first time he felt bad after he and his wife returned to Florida from a tourist trip in the mountains of Colorado. At first Michael thought that perhaps the weakened state of his body caused by the active mountain trekking and dehydration. “But later I have a headache. Fever, pains in the body, and severe thirst,” said Barker.

the United States threatened by the explosive growth of unemployment due to the coronavirus

When he and his wife March 11, returned to his city, Wellington, is located 130 km from Miami, Michael suspected that could be infected with a coronavirus. And he wanted as soon as possible to be tested for COVID-19. “I wanted to be sure to warn friends, and all those with whom we spoke. Besides, we have nearby lives the daughter and two grandsons. Of course we didn’t want to expose them to possible danger. So I had to be sure of the diagnosis,” shared Michael with reporters.

But his desire to establish the truth was faced, like many other Americans, with an insurmountable obstacle. It turned out that to be tested for the coronavirus in America is not so easy. “I spent the whole day in search of at least one place where I could explore and test. But it didn’t work. As a result, I phoned to my doctor and joined him on the usual method. After examining me, he concluded that indeed, it could be a coronavirus. But that’s all, they didn’t have kits for testing,” said the former firefighter. He unsuccessfully visited two clinics where on the phone said that the tests are, but it turned out that no.

Only a few days when Barker was rapidly deteriorating, his wife decided to have a conversation with a neighbor who works as a paramedic in the County of palm beach. And only he, an acquaintance, was able to get it a test. The result came after 5 days and was positive. It there is the appearance of the first symptoms and trying to pass the tests it’s been 10 days.

Photo: Oleksandr Kondratyuk / RIA Novosti who recorded the acceleration of the spread of coronavirus

In the end, he and his wife made the decision about isolation, offers of admission they have not been. “My head always ached, mind was confused, he felt dizzy. My appetite was gone. These days I’ve lost 7 more pounds. I couldn’t breathe, so as not to cough,” – said Michael, who is now much better.

his wife, at the age of 66 years, symptoms appeared in the form of bronchitis. But the doctors refuse to give her a test for the coronavirus. “I have bronchitis, difficulty breathing and severe chest pains. And they [the doctors] unfold me home because I have no fever. Say I went back to them only if you feel much, much worse,” said Barker’s wife.

according to AFP, last week the authorities of the state of Florida has purchased “several thousand” kits for testing for the coronavirus. But at the moment the test can pass only the doctors and people over 65 who have clear symptoms COVID-19.