Anna Averina, Director of the Palace of children and youth, Minsk:

– Waiting for the time when our Palace will again be filled with children and parents. Remotely conduct and activities. For example, competition of children’s drawings to the 75-th anniversary of Victory. There is a very decent work, to see which are available on our website. So the work continues.

Naida Magomedova, teacher of mathematics, Makhachkala:

I miss colleagues and students. Nothing can replace human communication. Especially care for the pupils, because is relaxes. Some children, especially in large families do not always have the opportunity to do. Ask them in your free time to contact me, explain what is unclear.

Sergey Troitsky, artist of the “First theater”, Novosibirsk:

– Rehearsing a future production of a video. And read children stories. In the social network was posted a list of children’s books, parents could choose any of them and enjoy video call. Each actor graph calls were painted for the whole day. The campaign is over, but it just so happened that I still read this book for 20 minutes per day whole group of guys – we can’t just leave the story on a cliffhanger. However, neighbors began to repair: sometimes drill from nine in the morning, but nothing….

Natalia Talai, family psychologist, Minsk:

– don’t feel like anything much has changed. With children I home easily, because they are able to negotiate with them. The only little girl we have a very active and without extensive communication suffers a bit. And since we are homebodies. As for work, I launched an online training for parents who have been waiting to do. Plus already resumed work at a private school. So that is was short.

Aigul Akhmetova, a kindergarten teacher, Voronezh oblast

– On remote I don’t have enough children in my group. I caught myself constantly thinking kindergarten kids: how they surrounded me, listen… Bored so a couple of days, and began writing for them, videos to your phone and place in the Network. The first was about the time of year, then about the expense, geometric shapes, cosmonautics Day. Children perform tasks, draw, parents then send reports. In General, it is interesting. I liked it so much that I will continue even when the isolation will end.

Valentine Gorcheva, the actress of the National academic theatre of Yanka Kupala:

– we pass daily online rehearsal. For the audience doing readings online. You can see on our YouTube channel. Life has not stopped. Although, of course, difficult without direct contact with the audience. On the other hand, there was time for other activities: it has become more to cook, read, lead a more healthy lifestyle.