It’s great that you want to do when Dating. So you take your luck even in the Hand and strengthen you and your attractiveness. You do nothing wrong like, shows your good intentions and your respect in front of others. This claim, however, is neither realistic nor helpful.

When Flirting, it is not about perfection, but about making another Person the offer to go in a game-to-metal contact. And how the Play applies to the Flirting: Sometimes you don’t feel like it and sometimes it’s not. If the other Person says no or you are in a cul-de-SAC, it is not mandatory that one has done something wrong.

Good Flirt take both himself as well as the Opposite is true. Charging your opponent with words, actions and your body language to Play the flirt game. Watch the action and the other Person. Smiles, and laughs, both of you? Your body language is open? Your will, if you put a little closer? What is the reaction of the Person, if you dare to point to positive signals, a touch of a neutral body?

as long As the Situation feels like a game to both have Fun and contribute to the both about the same amount of active, you’re well on the way. You doubt it is time to withdraw and to leave the other Person for the next action the first.

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