How are the Moscow and Minsk under the threat of coronavirus

As in Moscow

the First confirmed case of coronavirus was recorded on March 2, Muscovite, who arrived from Italy. He has already recovered and discharged from hospital. Today in the capital are infected 56 people. Since March 5, the Moscow authorities introduced the mode of increased readiness. In the city there is no panic, although occasionally appear fake news, which were immediately refuted by the Operational headquarters of Moscow. For example, a couple of weeks ago, social networks actively discussed that infection can supposedly be transmitted through flowers. Or that at night over Moscow helicopters will be spraying the cure for disinfection. By the way, for the dissemination of false information is punishable at least in the form of a fine from one hundred thousand to half a million rubles.

Schools and kindergartens

Since March 16, was introduced free school attendance – the decision about whether a child attending school was for parents. But Moscow authorities have gone further: from March 23 to April 12, will be closed all schools and institutions dopobrazovaniya. Classes will be held remotely via Skype and using e-services of the Moscow school. With the parents officially asked not to let children unnecessarily from the house. At the parents ‘ request in 1-4 classes will be organized on duty small group. Kindergartens are operating normally.


March 16 on remote form of education has passed several major Moscow universities – Moscow state University, MGIMO University, MGTU im. Bauman Moscow medical Academy im. Sechenov… Classes are held on schedule, but online. By the way, in early June postponed the final exams of the exam. Apparently, will be corrected and the timing of entrance examinations in universities of the capital. Put a strict ban on visits to student hostels. Closed all libraries, including this Library.


In many enterprises, workers measure the temperature noncontact thermometers. In the offices staff distribute sanitary gels and wipes, disinfectant air installedwow the lamp. Some businesses have moved on the remote work, including employees of “Russian newspaper”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and “Aifa”.


And ground, and underground work without restrictions, but the disinfection of cars, stores and stations. Drivers of buses, trolleybuses, minibuses no longer sell tickets in the salons. Before departure they measure temperature.

medical facilities

In hospitals and maternity wards imposed quarantine, it is forbidden to visit sick relatives, but parcels are allowed to transfer. Suspended a planned medical examinations and periodic health examinations. In clinics of visitors met at the entrance doctors in protective clothing, masks, thermometers.

the railway Stations and airports

With the Belarus railway communication is maintained. Daily from the Belarus station of Moscow to Belarus and back to 14 trains. You can buy tickets and at the box office, and online.

Photo: Pixabay Russia and Belarus has simplified the exchange of information on sanitary measures

a Ticket from Moscow to Minsk in a car with reserved seats costs a little more than three thousand roubles, in compartment – five thousand. Given the situation with coronavirus, is allowed to deliver even non-refundable tickets.

Flights between Russia and Belarus also has not been canceled. However, all Russians must remember that in the case of travel to any place in Belarus return to Russia, they will necessarily be placed on a two-week home quarantine.

cultural Institutions

All temporarily closed from March 18 until April 10. One of the first in Moscow closed the Museum of modern art “Garage”. Don’t work the State Pushkin Museum, the Tretyakov gallery, the Museum, the Museum of Russian impressionism, the Museum-panorama “Borodino battle… However, parents are encouraged to visit online resources and enjoy the sunAmy shows from the comfort of home. Previously sold tickets can be returned, including online. Also on March 17 cancelled all performances in Moscow theaters, including Bolshoi theater. Some of the performances we have an open date, the theater can be visited later, when the situation calms down. But the Taganka theatre, which sold all tickets for the hotly anticipated public premiere of “LeТартюф”, promises to provide insight in online-broadcast on 3 April.

Alas, closed the capital’s circus, the Planetarium and even the Moscow zoo.

the Registrar

But life goes on! Despite the coronavirus Moscow couples continue to marry, but because of the Moscow registry offices work in a usual mode. And the famous marriage Palace N1 ( Griboedov registry office) records the marriage at night!

In terms of prevention of infections is an important social responsibility of each person, so the registry offices of Moscow asking citizens planning registration of marriage, to refrain from a large number of guests during the ceremony. Also, for security reasons the Registrar’s office advise citizens who recently returned from countries, with unfavourable epidemiological situation, and in isolation, to move the celebration to another date, if the date of return from abroad have not passed another 14 days.

To prevent the emergence and spread of coronavirus infection and the incidence of influenza and SARS in departments the registry office and the wedding Palace were taken preventive measures. So, departments and palaces are regular disinfection of premises, set special control over the cleaning and maintenance of premises, employees are provided with masks and respirators with the appropriate level of protection, as well as employees and visitors to use antiseptic.

In Moscow and Minsk, life goes on, although the coronavirus has made major adjustments

a Daily before the opening of civil registry offices and registration house staff measure the temperature. Professionals with fever and signs of RESYeni three previously identified infections has already been successfully discharged from the health facilities, three were getting ready for discharge. Eight had minimal signs of infectious process. One was in a state of moderate severity with positive dynamics. In the remaining patients the symptoms of infectious process was not observed.

For the past day, no new cases were reported, and some patients additionally preparing to discharge, as they have received the first negative tests, – commented on the situation the health Minister of Belarus Vladimir Karanik.

But on the border of a quarantine event in full swing – here to monitor the condition of those coming to Belarus. In the National airport Minsk specialists are working at the side of the plane. In case of detection of signs of viral infection of a passenger transfer to the medical service. In the sectors arrivals set the imager, which can measure the temperature of a person remotely. Arriving hand out a memo, from which it follows that if within 14 days there will be a deterioration of health, then you should immediately call an ambulance for hospitalization. In addition, there are laboratory control. Test free, the results will be ready within 4-12 hours. If necessary, the person will find and put under medical observation.

the Ban on mass actions there – only the Ministry of health recommends that you limit them. Cancelled several international events, which is logical when communication with neighbors is limited. But concert organizers are not in a hurry to cancel your tour grossing artists. However, the posters appear transfers. For example, hip-hop-artist LJ is March 21, will perform in Minsk on 22 may, Nikolay Noskov – may 30 instead of April 4, the concert “Disco 90s” from March 21 rescheduled for October 24. From sporting news: the championship of Belarus in volleyball suspended until April 6.

Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko/TASS What should we learn from China’s experience in combating coronaviral

a Sign of spring-2020: businesses and organizations can set up dispensers with antiseptics, hang reminders about the coronavirus and workers measure the temperature. Seat, handrails, glass and other items with which one has contact in the Minsk buses, trolleybuses and trams, which are carefully treated after the change of disinfectants and antiseptics. In the subway, by the way, this was done in the past. But sverhekonomnoe the owners were very generous with the dispensers and napkins in the salons of the Shuttle vans. Enhanced disinfection regime operates and on the railway – railway stations, rolling stock, canteens and other facilities. By the way, in the Minsk metro became much freer. People are actively switching to private cars, began to walk more. In addition, the employees of many businesses are switching to remote mode. And in catering attention to detail. In a cafe, for example, recommended tables set away from each other, banned hookahs.

Citizens returning to Belarus from poor countries coronavirus recommended within 14 days to take action on the so-called isolation: it is not necessary to attend concerts, restaurants, bars, large stores, and other similar items. In addition, you need to reduce visiting relatives, especially of older ages. All this is understandable and logical. And people, generally, calmly and with understanding accept these requirements.

on Tuesday in Minsk in the exhibition hall Libra opened the exhibition “Pop-art”. Life goes on! Photo: BETAPACE QUESTIONS ABOUT the MAIN

1 if the Belarusian citizens to return from Russia to Belarus?

Yes. In the Republic of Belarus has not introduced restrictions on the entry of Russia, including against citizens of the Russian Federation.

2 Can the citizens of Russia to enter Belarus? Which transport?

Yes, you can. Continues to operate the railway and air transportation. However, the number of flights canceled.

3 will the Belarusians to enter Russia with a temporary registration, residence permit, those who are permanently employed or enrolled in educational institutions?

Not all. From March 18 to may 1, 2020 enter the territory of the Russian Federation of foreign citizens of certain countries, including citizens of the Republic of Belarus is prohibited. The restriction does not apply to persons permanently residing on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as those transiting through the air checkpoints, members of official delegations accredited or designated employees of diplomatic missions, international organizations and their representative offices, other official representative offices of foreign States located on the territory of the Russian Federation, and also members of families of the specified persons, car drivers and international road transport, crew, air, sea and river vessels, train and locomotive crews in international railway communication. The norm introduced by the decree of the RF Government, the full text can be found on the website of the Embassy of Belarus in Russia.

Photo: Roman Serbenkov the Director of “Slavonic Bazaar” told whether the cancelled festival

At the same time for all the citizens arriving to Moscow from Belarus, and also for living together with them establishes a 14-dnewny mode isolation. In particular, during this period the citizen will not be able to attend the work, study. The rate is established by the decree of the Moscow mayor, in other cities until such action is provided.

4 whether to Send Belarusians to quarantine when you return to Belarus?

No such measures in Belarus is not yet established.

5 will Not have any problems Belarusians, the next plane via Moscow to Minsk?

According to information obtained by the Embassy of Belarus from the Russian competent authorities, for the citizens of the Republic of Belarus, returning from abroad via Moscow, it is possible to transit through air border crossing points the airports Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo. For transit you must have purchased tickets to the Republic of Belarus, which allows to leave the airports Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo for 24 hours.