During the quarantine, and isolation, the demand for rental apartments in Moscow fell almost to zero. In early may, for example, it was 72% lower than a year earlier. Explained everything is simple – life came to a standstill, and no need to make appointments no hurry. On the market there were only those who needed accommodation, not to be left without a roof over their heads, and those who was not ready to put up with the inactivity of his apartment.

– All this made the relations of landlords and tenants more flexible, says “RG” realtor Sergey Krapivin. For example, common steel discounts on first months rent – the discount could be from 20 to 50%. The Treaty prescribes that after two to four months, the price tag will be higher. Began to meet cases where the tenants were allowed for the first time for free, but under condition of purchase of furniture or equipment, and under the promise to make repairs.

Interestingly, the isolation ended, but these innovations remained. Rental prices are now below dekorativnih 10-15%. Appeared on the market the usual odnushki at a price of 20 thousand rubles per month – this was not long ago, prices usually started from 23-25 thousand. In General, the average rental rate among all the apartments in Moscow now stands at 51.6 per thousand, and in early March, it was much higher – 58 thousand.

Chief expert of the analytical center real estate portal CYANOGEN Victoria Kiryukhina pointed to another new. Among the proposals long term rental now quite a lot of apartments that are previously rented by the day, – because of the lack of tourists, the owners of such housing began to take them for a long time. Demand to grow just nowhere. “First, summer is a low-activity season in the real estate market in General – explains control. – Potential clients are on vacation and less likely to take up the issue of relocation. Secondly, some employees still work remotely, which allows them not to rent an apartment in Moscow.”

in Autumn, the rental market traditionally comes the revival in Moscow rush applicants and students, as well as those wishing to move to the capital to relocate or just to earn money and return home. However, realtors do not expect that it will return rates to pre-crisis levels, they remain low in recent years due to the falling incomes of people.

the Deputy Director of Department of rent of apartments the company “Inkom-real Estate” Oksana Polyakova notes that already now there is a shift in demand towards budget rent. For example, those who had rented individual housing, now often pay attention to the room. “This format is becoming increasingly popular as a super-economical: the cost of month stay starts from 10 thousand rubles, – says Polyakov. – And this budget is divided into several man – sune and more landlords are willing to provide their facilities for the recruitment chipped. According to our forecasts, by the autumn the number of transactions with rooms can reach 1/3 of the total volume”.

though small, but the impact on the rental market may provide preferential mortgages. She brought the mortgage payment to the rental rates, and telecommuting has forced many tenants to look for rented accommodation. When you spend there 24 hours a day, starting less appreciate the location of the apartment and more of its constructed nature. So those who rented housing closer to the center, now often look for apartments on the outskirts, but in the mortgage.

However, mortgage payments, even with interest rate of 6.5%, still higher rent, especially considering her fall. “When the term of the mortgage 10 years, the loan payment will be higher than average rental rates odnushki in Moscow for 32 thousand rubles, and the loan term 20 years for 7 thousand, – says Victoria is a plea. – However, some tenants do move into the category of buyers, but this is not a mass phenomenon”.

That left the rental market unchanged is a Scam. They’re still trying deception to cash in on those looking for temporary housing, or, conversely, trying to get him good and effective hands. The pandemic, however, has made adjustments. During the isolation intensified fraudsters operating under the guise of reputable real estate agencies.

“the Number of victims increased five times compared to the indicator of the previous year, – says Oksana Polyakova. – The procedure is simple: place ads to surrender the apartment or call ad on the Internet and in that and in other case, the scammers call themselves employees of the Agency, the victims are promised a better deal with the condition to pay the Deposit into the specified account. In the end, their promises to deliver the apartment, they do not perform, and employers selling information about non-existent objects. If two years ago this way “worked” the whole organization, now it is only individuals”.

So if you call the realty company, first find her phone and ask if you really called their employee. In addition, it is important to understand that the official company work only after the conclusion of contracts on rendering of real estate brokerage, not an information service and without payment. That is, first, realtors will help you to lease or rent a house, and already in fact transactions ask for money. If you offer a contract on information services, not even continue the conversation after making money and signing this paper you give a couple of fake contacts and will cease to answer calls.

Not to be trapped, landlords and tenants will help a few simple rules beforestroinosti. In particular, you should always check the documents of those with whom you make a deal: for example, using the service on the website of the Ministry of interior to easily see if there’s a passport in the list is invalid.

And the lease agreement must correctly indicate all the information about the apartment: the cadastral number, address, area, condition, etc. In the document should be information about the owner of the property, the payment procedure, the maximum number of inspections by the landlord and other nuances. It will not hurt to sign the contract signature with the decryption of the name – it can make the forgery of the signature.