Housekeeping books are becoming increasingly popular and are designed to help save money. A campaign by the Federal Statistical Office is now even making it possible to earn up to 175 euros. Here you will find all information and how you can participate.

When the cost of daily groceries and other necessities increases, a budget book can help keep track of expenses.

You can even save massively because you are more conscious with the money and can identify unnecessary expenses.

But what if you get paid for it? The Federal Statistical Office gives you up to 175 euros for documenting your own costs! We’ll show you how the campaign works.

The Federal Statistical Office would like to collect reliable official data on the living situation of the population in Germany. That is why every household receives a bonus for participating as a thank you. There is so much:

This income and consumer sample (EVS) will take place from January to December 2023, registration is possible until September. If you are selected, you must then document your daily expenses for three months.

If you would like to take part in the campaign, you must register with the Federal Statistical Office and submit a declaration of participation:

Whether you are then drawn out of the lottery pot depends on the respective proportion of households. Among other things, we are looking for:

You will then receive an invitation to participate. If you don’t get a reply right away, it’s possible that you’ll move up for a later period in 2023. This selection is always quarterly, i.e. currently in December, then in March, July and September.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, there is a separate app for the EVS 2023 that you can use to track all your expenses. This is called “income and consumption” very soberly and can be reached in various ways:

Your expenses are then clearly displayed in the app in a pie chart. Different categories allow you to quickly select which areas you have spent money on.