national health care survived, but GDP lost 7-8 trillion rubles.

Russia is gradually emerging from isolation. Since 1 June in most regions canceled a significant portion entered at the time of the epidemic restrictions. Open to visitors on parks, begin stores, shops, dry cleaning and beauty salons. Behind more than two months of home treatment, during which the whole country has closely followed the statistics of morbidity and mortality in the early stages, tried to buy masks, used to wash hands, to study and work on udalenke. The Russians spent the time that we know about COVID-19 and did a blow to the Russian economy — in the article “Izvestia”.

the Period of national isolation due epidemic COVID-19 began on 28 March — this day President Vladimir Putin announced a “long weekend” and urged citizens to stay home.

49 people was considered recovered, and the spread of the virus in the country, the CPS was associated with importation from Europe.

there were four test systems to identify coronavirus: two — developed by the state scientific center “Vector” of Rospotrebnadzor, one Centre of strategic planning, Ministry of health, one — company “Smartlift”. But was widely used only laboratory diagnosis of the CPS.

the Ministry of health by the time he released the fourth version of the time melodramatize prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the novel coronavirus. Physicians were asked the means of the combination of lopinavir with ritonavir (drugs to treat HIV infection), chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine and the interferon. Later, the sixth version of the manuals, released on April 28, the Agency questioned the effectiveness of the combination of lopinavir and ritonavir in monotherapy. Perspective the Ministry of health called the anti-malaria treatment: chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, mefloquine.

At last in Russia there are now high hopes: the drug has already received temporary registration and many virologists believe that it will become an effective causal (that eliminates the cause of the disease — that is, the virus) tool.

at the beginning of the period of isolation of scientists and doctors warned that is typical of coronaviruses are asymptomatic or mild. Therefore, the actual number of infections may be much higher than the official statistics.

— the System does not notice them and not isolate, so they continue to infect others. Scientists suggest that these “invisible” patients can be up to 50% of the total number infected, said in an interview with “Izvestiya” on April 2, a molecular biologist, Dr.R of biological Sciences, corresponding member RAS, head of the laboratory for biotechnology and Virology faculty of natural Sciences, Novosibirsk state University Sergey Netesov.

At the end of March it became known that coronavirus can spread from person to Pets. According to Russian scientists, the probability of transition of a pathogen is low, but this is a very dangerous strain could mutate, go back to the people and make some new unpredictable quality. And in the middle of April, Italian researchers unexpectedly announced that the body of the person who has the dog, may be better prepared to meet the coronavirus.

Of all the Pets in greatest vulnerability to infection COVID-19 scientists immediately suspected cats. Later, in mid-may, the five cats in Moscow confirmed the disease by the test, said the Rosselkhoznadzor.

on 2 April President of Russia took a decision to extend holidays until the end of the month. At that time, the number of infections in the country increased to 3548 people. In Moscow, there were 2475 patients in the suburbs — 177, in St. Petersburg — 147.

In early April, Russian scientists have warned that the pathogen causing the pneumonia from COVID-19, is able to penetrate the blood brain barrier and directly destroy brain tissue.

a human brain is evidenced, in particular, loss of smell. In addition, the pathogen could have a negative impact on cardiovascular system.

April 6 in Russia for the first time recorded a sharp rise in the number of cases COVID-19 — 954 per person, per night (total 6343). After a week the incidence COVID-19 in the country rose again — 2558 new cases (18 328).

during this period, the main tool of diagnosis COVID-19, allowing you to quickly make a diagnosis with an accuracy of 97-98%. was the CT scan.

on April 17, it became known that the growth in the number of cases preparing Russian regions. The health Ministry said that before the end of the month the country needs to deploy with about 95 thousand beds for the treatment of patients COVID-19.

on the Morning of 18 April, surpassing Belgium, Russia came in 10th place in the total number of cases (36 793) coronavirus. A few days in the country started Express testing at COVID-19.

the growing number of cases has slowed, and began to move towards stabilization of the epidemiological situation.

By 22 April in the country was recorded 57 999 infected. The leaders — Moscow (31 981 case), Moscow oblast (6590) and St. Petersburg (2267). They were followed by Nizhny Novgorod oblast (929), Leningrad oblast (537), Komi Republic (527), Murmansk oblast (506), Krasnodar Krai (481) and Tula region (436).

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova has noted, CHsome regions are lagging behind the growth rate of cases COVID-19 from the capital two-three weeks. In the third week of may, Moscow and Moscow oblast came on a plateau in incidence. In the capital at this point, it was 146 062 case of infections in the Moscow region — 28 290.

the Government is closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 for the first month of 2020. January 29, Prime Minister Michael Mishustin has established headquarters to combat the coronavirus, which still meets regularly. After a few days — January 31 — in Russia recorded the first cases of infection.

Since February, the government limited the air service to China, where there is an outbreak of infection. After the list of “forbidden” countries began to rapidly increase. In total, 27 Mar scheduled and Charter air transportation with the outside world was discontinued, except for flights for the return of the Russians.

17 March, the President first approached the Russians due of the spread of coronavirus. He asked citizens to carefully consider the recommendations of the authorities and experts, and officials urged to be proactive, including to increase the production of means of individual protection. Since March 19, a high alert was imposed in all 85 regions of Russia.

next week — March 25 — Vladimir Putin again made an appeal to the people. The head of state said on priority measures to ensure social protection of citizens, preservation of their income and jobs and to support small and medium businesses. Among them is a new payment to families, the deferral of taxes for companies and holiday loans. In “long weekend” the salary of the employees should be saved, said the President.

During the next treatment on April 2, the President prolonged a forced “vacation” until April 30 (in total he completed only 11 of may). The authorities Vladimir Putin instructed to determine the severity of restrictive measures — the number of patients with coronavirus differs markedly from region to region.

At the meetings of the government and of the operational headquarters repeatedly made decisions on the allocation to constituent entities of funds from the Federal budget to support the population and business.

the Complaints were received from businessmen, many banks pulled with the issuance of soft loans or even they were denied. And soon across the country, a wave of discontent of physicians. The doctors or specialists were fed “Breakfast”, or paid them hundreds of rubles for the minutes spent.

For the fulfillment of these and other orders of the President called to follow the relevant agencies. In most regions, the situation with payments to doctors and business support resolved, but the appeals and complaints submitted to the Parliament so far, told “Izvestia” Senator, honored doctor of Russia Vladimir Round.

for Example, now any physician can write on the website of public services that have not received the promised funds. However, many is not solved, because they are afraid of layoffs.

— you Need to trace on the ground, so the authorities didn’t press on specialists for complaints. People should be able to allocated to their support the money — said the politician.

Adopted by the President and the government actions in a pandemic was adequate, said the Professor of Virology chair, biological faculty, Moscow state University Alexey Agranovsky. However, in some cases, he said, could act stricter — in particular, the right to declare a quarantine. Indeed, many initially believed the regime of self-isolation recommendation, which can be broken. When this was done and unnecessary steps, for example treatment of walls of buildings made no sense, the expert believes.

In his opinion, to understand whether the second wave of the epidemic in Russia, should closely watch what happens in other countries, particularly in China.

the Russian GDP for the two months of severe restrictions lost 7-8 trillion rubles, calculated for the “News” analysts. In the current economic situation to support the business adopted a set of anti-crisis instruments. For April-may authorities announced measures to support and benefits for the nine most affected sectors of the economy and small and medium business, the allocation of subsidies for compensation of losses.

the Main tool for entrepreneurs was the exemption from all (except VAT) tax and insurance payments for the second quarter, the launch of special credit programs, including at the zero rate to maintain employment, as well as financial aid to some of them. In parallel, the country has six month tax and rent holidays as well as a moratorium on the bankruptcy.

assistance from the state receives 1151 backbone enterprise. They can apply for a loan at a preferential rate and, if necessary, to subsidies for compensation of expenses, deferral of taxes, but also state guarantees needed to restructure existing or new loans and bond loans.

According to the Ministry, the pace of the Russian economy in hours April decreased by 12% compared to the same period last year. Growth in the first three months of the year to cover this decline could not. Previously, the reduction in nominal GDP of Russia in April, 28% said in the monthly report of the Ministry of Finance.

According to head of analytical Department AMarkets Artem Deev, every day in April and may cost the Russian economy 100 billion rubles in lost income. The combination of the��s loss budgets for the two months amounted to 8 trillion roubles, he said. The analyst of “freedom Finance” Valery Emelyanov estimated spring simple 5-7 trillion rubles.

the loss of GDP at the end of March and April will be 2.5% in annual terms, and in may and June, this figure can reach up to 4-4,5% depending on the speed of recovery in economic activity, said the managing Director of macroeconomic analysis and forecasting “Expert RA” Anton tabah.

According to experts, the extension of the quarantine in Moscow will cost another 250-400 billion and cumulative losses since the beginning of the quarantine are close to 1.3−1.7 trillion. The capital is now can’t go to work about a million people, most of which are involved in catering, Commerce and entertainment industry. The city budget has lost almost 70 billion rubles of revenue due hours of April, 65-68 billion cost non-working may. Reduced income in June due removal of the restrictions will be less in the range of 45 billion, says Artem Deev.

According to analyst GK “Finam” Alexey Korenev, with positive scenarios, the drop of GDP by the end of the year will make 3,5−4%.

Elena Sidorenko, Love Lezhneva, rose Alamanova