Hoteliers of Abkhazia assessed the situation with the spread of coronavirus at local resorts and reacted to information about the first infected in the country of the tourist. This writes

So, according to the Manager of the owner of the Wellness Park Hotel Gagra Igor Zhigun, due to the corresponding events in the local accommodation facilities should ensure that all necessary security measures — in particular, to comply with mask mode and social distance.

“Coupled with a fairly slow spread of the infection and are often asymptomatic, the detection rate of new cases is unlikely to exceed 100 per day until the end of August,” he suggested, concluding that the current holiday season “should be held to the mutual satisfaction of Russian citizens, and hospitable hosts”.

a Similar view that tourists and the receiving party must be “not to panic” and to follow the recommendations of the Ministry of health, said the President of the Abkhazian Union of tourism Anna Kalyagin. “Shut all is not an option,” she said.

On the first case of coronavirus infection among the tourists in Abkhazia it became known on Saturday, August 8. In the Republican health Ministry said that the infected tourist taken for treatment in Russia.

According to the latest data, since the beginning of the pandemic in Abkhazia recorded 134 cases of infection COVID-19. At the same hospital was discharged cured 38 patients, three of the infected died.

Russia opened the state border with Abkhazia on 1 August, the corresponding order was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. As of today, the Russians are free to travel to Abkhazia, and the citizens of this country — in Russia. Later in the Internet appeared the video, which depicted a car queue on the border between the two countries. It became known that people wishing to get from the Republic to the Russian territory are in the queue for several hours.