Hot, please – and definitely not sticky: the demands on fries are high. You can only fail if you put the knife to the potato yourself. Or?

French fries taste best at the outdoor pool or by the lake, no question about it. But the fried potato sticks can also be prepared at home.

Worried you’ll end up with soggy fries on your plate? That doesn’t have to happen. The potato marketing of the German potato producers gives tips on how to make homemade fries.

If you like your fries particularly crispy, you should choose a waxy variety such as Annabelle, Belana or Glorietta.

If you like your fries crispy on the outside but still a bit soft on the inside, it is better to use a potato that is predominantly waxy. These include the varieties Gala, Madeira or Milva.

Thick Belgian fries work best with floury varieties, potato growers advise. The varieties Adretta, Gunda or Lilly are a good choice for this.

Crispy instead of mushy: To ensure the consistency is right at the end, it is best to rinse the potato sticks thoroughly under running water. And according to the potato producers, until the water is clear again. This shows that no more starch is leaking out – the fries are gaining crunch.

But be careful: Thorough drying afterwards is important, for example with kitchen paper. Otherwise you get the receipt when frying – it splashes.

Before the fries finally go into the fryer or the oven, you should dust them with some rice flour. Because that pulls the last bit of moisture out of the potato.

The classic method of preparation in the deep fryer is the richest in fat – that’s clear. But still: According to the potato producers, the vitamin C of the tubers is retained despite the frying in the fat – at least if you stay below 190 degrees.

The preparation in the hot air fryer or in the oven is lower in calories. About two tablespoons of oil are enough.

Good to know: French fries that are prepared in the oven are seasoned before baking. However, when the fries go into the fryer, you only do this at the end so that the spices don’t get lost in the fat.