Hospitals of the Novosibirsk region has received two new cars

a Decision on that United Russia will reduce their management costs and direct savings on the purchase of transport for the regions was adopted March 8, at the online meeting with the volunteer center.

– We have reduced our operational costs, including the preparations for the elections. Due to the savings party purchased in all regions of the country machinery for physicians. We have a car sent to the infectious diseases hospital No. 1, and the second in children’s hospital №3. We understand that two cars will not solve the problem, but this is not the last assistance we provide to our doctors – said the first Deputy Secretary of the regional branch of “United Russia” Andrey Panferov.

Novosibirsk doctors satisfied with the car. New cars will help them get faster to patients and to serve more people at home.

– Now we have the ability to send patients quickly, because we sometimes have to wait for a machine. We will carry on this car of patients on MRI, on further examination, to be transported to hospitals – said the Deputy chief doctor on medical part of the hospital for infectious diseases No. 1 Jan Ulyanina.

that only joint efforts can stop the epidemic and are confident in the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk region.

– many thanks to the doctors who are today at the forefront! These dedicated individuals sacrifice personal time, family, health, to save others. After the pandemic, they just have the whole world to erect a monument. And I think, after all these years no one in the head will not come to optimize health care. Look at the situation in the world. The main problem of Europe, the beds of no. And it is good that we have kept large clinics and hospitals. I am confident that together with professionalism of our doctors, we go through all this trouble, – says Andrey Shimkiv, the Chairman of the Novosibirsk legislative Assembly.