A ski tour ended for two young Germans in the hospital on Tuesday. The three of them were on the Zugspitze when they were caught in an avalanche. Two of the men were carried away a hundred meters and buried. The mountain rescue service had to move in.

Three ski tourers were hit by an avalanche in the Zugspitze area and some were buried. The three 20-year-olds from Bavaria were climbing on Tuesday morning when a slab avalanche broke loose, as the Garmisch-Partenkirchen mountain rescue service announced on Wednesday.

Two of the tourers were carried away about 100 meters and buried. One of the two was able to free himself. Together with his comrade, he was also able to rescue the second victim from the 1.5 meter deep mass of snow. He was initially unconscious, but regained consciousness shortly before the mountain rescuers who had been called arrived by helicopter. He was taken to a hospital with hypothermia.