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the Person has been tested several times after the fake stitches were used. The first tests were negative, but a few days ago, the employees symptoms, and has remained at home after this.

A new test showed so that he or she is infected by the Covid-19.

Although it may not can be determined that the employee was infected because of the use of pirated masks, computes the hospital it likely that this may be the reason, writes the TREAT in a press release.

– It is very regrettable. First, that we have had pirated masks that has not been of good enough quality in circulation, and that we thus have employees who have been exposed to a risk that we are very reluctant to want to be exposed to, ” says the managing director of the TREAT, Anita Schumacher.

– Very regrettable,

20. march got to the hospital a delivery of several thousand åndedrettsmasker, also called P3-s, provided by a private operator. The masks are a part of smittevernutstyret used among other things in the work with koronasmittede patients.

While the hospital waited on the description of the product, was around 800 stitches by mistake taken in the use of the 150 to 200 employees at a isolatpost by intensivmedisinsk department.

It without that TREAT knew how tight the masks actually are.

the Masks were then analysed at the Norwegian Defence research establishment. Where was it concluded that the sts does not meet the requirements for respiratory protection.

About 200 TREAT-employees were tested every other day after it was revealed that the masks were fake.

– Now we have conducted quite a few tests and this is the first positive. So we are happy that there is more that is proven infected, but it is very regrettable for this one it comes, ” says Schumacher.

200 employees at the intensive care unit at UNN had to be tested for koronaviruset every other day, after beskyttelsesmaskene they used were of the wrong quality.

Photo: Per-Christian Johansen / TREAT – the Norwegian health care professional well ivareatt

– System in Norway today to account for such things not to happen. There is Health in the South – East that coordinates all procurement of smittevernmateriell to Norway, and then distributed it out to the hospitals and municipalities. All the equipment we purchase to be quality-assured and tested thoroughly just to uncover that there are no pirated copies in their shipment. So the equipment we have very good control, ” says the assistant director, Espen Nakstad.

He believes that the security of health personnel in Norway are well taken care of.

It has happened at some hospitals is that you have booked outside of this system, and when has there been a miss, and you have received a pirated vernemasker that is not good enough.

– health professional is well looked after and there is a strong focus on the equipment to be good enough, ” says Nakstad.

– Small risk that infection is transferred to the other

Anita Schumacher will give the salute to the staff, who have tested themselves every other day, so offer your information is. Thus they may, according to her with great certainty say when the test was positive and when they have been smitteførende.

“This is very regrettable, and an uncomfortable situation for the employees,” says managing director at TREAT, Anita Schumacher.

Photo: Rune Stoltz Bertinussen/Scanpix

– What we see is that the employee has not been at work, either while there have been symptoms or after that the specimen was positive. So it is more negative samples that have been submitted after that person last time was on the job. It means that the risk that the infection may have been transferred to the other is tiny.

a Total of 21 TREAT employees tested positive for Covid-19. Three of these are now had.

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