Two years, seven months, twelve days, 22 hours and 38 minutes after that fateful short moment in Quinto TI, starts on Monday the trial against the truck driver, G. P.* (52).

The Italians from the Madone, Bergamo (I) must answer in Lugano, TI, due to multiple negligent homicide. Added to this is a gross violation of road traffic regulations.

The Italian Chauffeur with Romanian roots will look to those relatives for the first Time in the eyes, he on 26. July 2016 the Dearest robbed. Because the entire extended family of the four casualties from the Palatinate, Otterberg (D) to travel to the process, which begins at 9.30 am.

The jam at the end is a death trap

The memories of the tragedy are painful: It’s the holiday are at that time in the Rhineland-Palatinate. The couple Kurt (†43), and Petra S.* (†43), and the daughters Luise (†8) and Emely (†12) are on the way back from the South in the direction of Gotthard. The sun is burning. The traffic in front of the metering point to the Airolo TI is – as so often. The Ford, and the family forms the end of the waiting traffic queue.

in order To 12.08 at a red, with mineral-Laden truck to rest at the end of a traffic jam. On the speedometer: 90 km/h. The line cord is straight. Nevertheless, the 40-Tönner moves with full speed to the traffic. He rebounds with a vengeance in the Van, push the vehicle with the German tourists under a granite truck that is in front of you. The German Ford is crushed beyond recognition. The occupants are dead on the spot (EYES reported).

truck driver suffers from the sleep illness

G. P. is also injured. For a week he is in the ICU. “He is still unable to work and is on crutches,” says his defender Stefano Genetelli. For the Ticino lawyer are all in this tragedy victims, “my client”.

“He suffers from narcolepsy,” explains Stefano Genetelli and didn’t know it! The sleeping sickness makes for sudden sleep attacks. Is exactly what happens, just at this very Moment? So the G. P. has to be, as he was in the direction of the Gotthard tunnel on the way, simply dozed off. Alcohol or drugs, the driver was not in the blood.

defender, expected fast process

The Ticino court gives an opinion in order. As RSI is reported that G. P. in the sleep center of the civic hospital of Lugano, studied. The diagnosis is confirmed, the narcolepsy. “I’m expecting a short process. It could even be that the negotiation is still ongoing today,” said lawyer Stefano Genetelli. Matter what the judge decides; both for the survivors of the S. family from ottersberg (D), as well as for the truck driver, there are already “life sentence”.

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