A 49-year-old is arrested in Mallorca because of gruesome allegations. The man is accused of keeping a 12-year-old girl as a sex slave for years. The suspect stopped at nothing to carry out his perfidious plan.

Cruel act in Mallorca. A 49-year-old man is accused of keeping a 12-year-old girl as a sex slave for five years. The man had sent the child to a dark, hidden cellar as punishment if it did not comply with his demands.

Local police, the Guardia Civil, recently revealed that the man had traveled to an African country in 2015. Under the pretext of giving a mother of several children a better life in Mallorca, he pretended to be a benefactor. The suspicious man initially apparently intended to adopt a child.

However, due to bureaucratic obstacles, this was not possible. That’s why he spent years persuading his African mother to marry him and move to Mallorca with him. She finally addressed this in 2019.

After a short period of living together, the man organized an apartment in the village for the mother and kept the girl with him. He justified this with his alleged intention to seek custody of the child in order to be able to bring her siblings to the island. 

The girl’s punishment extended to threats that the child and her mother would be deported to Africa if she disobeyed him. The most extreme punishment was imprisonment in a dark hiding place under his desk that was once a water tank.

The perpetrator in Mallorca was ultimately caught because the mother sought help. After discovering that the man had made requests to bring her other daughters to the island, she finally took action. She was driven by fears that the children would face the same fate as the child already living with the man.

She sought help from the Hermanas Oblatas, a women’s order that cares for women in need. The order then filed a police report.

During the subsequent house search, investigators discovered child pornographic material. The arrested suspect apparently filmed the rapes and posted them online. He was imprisoned on the orders of an examining judge.

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By Klara Indernach (KI)

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