The development is amazing. While the flagships of the big phone manufacturers are getting better and better and at the same time getting more and more expensive, the trend in the middle class differently. There, the prices will fall to the Ground. And you get incredibly much to offer for little money.

throughout The year to 2018, such a price-performance-winner as the Samsung Galaxy A7, Huawei Mate 20 Lite, Xiaomi Pocophone F1 or the Wiko View 2 Pro a stir. Devices for 250 to 400 francs, and which had to be only in certain areas actually smears compared to the twice as expensive Smartphones.

the end of The year, there is once again a real blast. The Honor 8X are available at almost all major retailers for 269 francs. A battle price, if you look at the specs.

The 8X has a huge 6.5 inch Screen, OCTA-core processor Kirin 710 with 4 GB of memory, expandable 64 GB of storage, there is also a dual camera.

The 6.5-inch device is is excellent excellent

Also, the first impression, if one takes the device in Hand. The Honor 8X works like a flagship. The fine, shiny glass back, the huge, quite a borderless screen, with the currently so fashionable “Notch”, so the cutout for the Selfie-Cam.

The Phone is not only a high-end look, it also feels that way. And even if you turn on the Honor 8X, you will not be disappointed. The screen is only 1080 time 2340 pixels, but is this enough for a fairly sharp image. In addition, the Screen is bright enough. And if 91% of the housing surface is covered by the Display, is this really the flagship-suspicious.

The biggest disappointment awaits one at the bottom. There is next to the headphone Jack, only an outdated Micro-USB connector to charge the device. USB-C is now also in the middle class actually Standard.

the manufacturer has also Saved the dust – and water protection, as one may expect, nothing Special. This is, however, in this price class usual, similar to the waiver of wireless Charging.

The Huawei subsidiary Honor has been built in on the back of a fast fingerprint Sensor, which sits but for average hands a little too far up. You have to stretch the fingers quite nicely.

The camera of the Honor 8X shoots fairly good photos

As an Alternative, there’s a face detection. Runs very fast, but is based only on the camera, so not so sure how about FaceID of Apple or the Sensors in the Huawei Mate 20 Per. Both devices are also three to four Times but are more expensive.

So far, So good. However, many cheap Smartphones in the camera compromising on quality. Even at 8X there’s no Top-quality. But the Dual-Cam 20 and 2 mega pixels, shoots decent pictures. Even if the conditions are a little more difficult, the images remain usable.

Quite unique in the middle class of AI-mode. The artificial intelligence recognizes different scenes and adjusts the camera – similar to that of the Huawei models.

It is worth to make a photo with and without the automatic setting, as such the colors can still be very different. And the intelligence, it exaggerates sometimes, and the post-processing. The images of the 16-Megapixel Selfiecam are also retouched. But the results are mostly very good.

Well, the duration of the 3750 mAh like big batteries. After an intense day of work, you still have about 30% power left. Also striking is the depth of consumption in the Standby mode, so about on the night.

it Would cost the Honor 8X 400 francs, it would be an average middle-class Phone. For the price of 269 Swiss francs, but it is a blast. It offers an enormous amount of and only requires a few compromises.

In everyday life, you will notice the difference to a three times expensive device hardly associated most aptly in difficult photo situations. The Honor 8X is typical for the Smartphone middle class by the year 2018, the has vastly.