With the electric study Urban EV presented by Honda two years ago, one of the highlights at the IAA Frankfurt. This year, the almost production-ready Version of the stromer comes to the Geneva auto salon (7. to 17. March), and could be favorites with the cute appearance to the audience. Over 200 kilometres of the approximately four meters long Honda e to create Prototype. Not much, I think me, as I with project Manager Hitomi, Kohei puts to the vehicle. As in the case of Tesla, the door handles extend, a technician with white gloves opens cautiously the door. Caution! This million-dollar prototype next week in Geneva.

As a cinema room

After Boarding, I was sitting in front of a wall made of five screens. The outer Screens to transfer the image of the exterior mirrors replace cameras. There are also digital instruments, and two touch screens for the multimedia system. “We still don’t know what it is everything, as we develop the programming still ongoing,” said Kohai-San. In addition to the screens in the Cockpit of your living room with fabric seats and wood-like plastic applications. This is so! The study corresponds to 95 percent the beginning of 2020 start end-of-series car.

the fun of driving programmed

So, it stays in the rather measly 200 miles of range, Kohei-San? “An E-car is a most in the city. And that is where this range is more than enough.” More reach would have a larger battery which would make the car heavier, more expensive and less agile. “That doesn’t fit in our concept.” The
e-Prototype is an urban commuter car, but with about 100 HP and 300 Nm as well as rear-wheel drive with a sporty flair. “Rear-wheel drive brings the from the beginning, the available torque is best on the street”, white, Kohei. Second advantage: More steering angle for the front wheels to make the electric Honda. This city car will make safety Fun!