The happiness is perfect for the homesick singer Alain Boog (35). Last weekend, he married in the Church in Küttigen AG Samantha (31). “She is the woman of my dreams,” he says.

However, the Start your love was hesitant. “That was the beginning of 2016, shortly after my appearance on “American idol”. I was sitting in a Bar in Aarau, as a beautiful woman spoke with me about music and wanted to entertain.” She interrupts him, gently but firmly: “ice-Cold brush-off you let me, you can say it.” He is apologetic: “I wanted to have my peace and quiet and just a relaxing evening with my boys spend. And I felt no desire to Flirt, let alone a relationship. Fortunately, I’ve seen you a couple of months later.” Every Time the two go well past the Bar, look forward, that Amor Alain Boog gave a second Chance.

The best friend of Alain best man

best man on Saturday was Patrick Suter (34), the best friend of Alain Boog was. “This is a story that shows how wonderful life can be,” he says. “We know each other forever, and have sworn with 16 in the output: When a man marries, the other best man, no matter where it takes us.”

Then they lost, however, the eyes and went for ten years separate ways. “When we met eight years ago for the first time, Patrick said that he wanted to marry and have not forgotten our oath. A very emotional Moment – I unsuccessfully fought back the tears.”

in the Meantime, Boog has also become godfather of Suter’s daughter, which came out half a year ago to the world. And for Suter was an honor, it is a matter, its part of the oath to redeem and the couple Boog the rings range.

honeymoon until 2020

After the Ceremony, the congregation drove classic cars to the Château Gütsch in Lucerne from where Boog is growing up. What time is the honeymoon to follow, exactly, is still open. “Probably, we can make it until 2020. Just somewhere far away, where there is only both of us,” wish for the newlyweds.

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