the tv In the Reality television show ‘home away from Home’ is just a nice part to come in, Daphne Paelinck, but the images of the sequence have been forced to shut down. Unfortunately for the actress, but she is more concerned about her doll-uptheater that due to the crisis in the most difficult papers to come.

“I am technically unemployed,” said Daphne Paelinck. I used to look forward to my return as Christine in ‘the Home’, as it was a great story for me. Yesterday I dove at the tv screen after an absence of seven months, is back on the set, and it will still show up in the episode until the 24th of april. But if we are going to include everything else? Not only are the screen-shots are silent, and I also had to go through the doors of our pop-uptheater in Antwerp is to close.”

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this is a tough blow for Daphne, and her husband, Randall, Of Duytekom. “We have two options. Or the book is closed, or we are going to fight in order to financially survive,” says the actress. “Let’s go for the second one, but it’s not that simple. The government offers a lot of different jobs measures, but we are to fish there, non-profit organisation, anywhere behind the net. Our monthly expenses run on, as we have a zero euro income. We are not in any way subsidised. That is why we at our web site a crowd-funding started. I look forward to the kindness and generosity of a lot of theatre-goers. And that the thread is quickly able to pick up.”