On the walk of fame in Hollywood unknown broke star Donald trump. About it on Twitter said the Music Business Academy.

The reason for this action is unknown. Presumably, this is due to the protests that swept across dozens of U.S. cities and are accompanied by riots, vandalism and attacks on police. It all started after the death in Minneapolis (Minnesota) black guard George Floyd, who died after a rough arrest.

This is not the first case of vandalism against the star of the 45th President of the United States. So, in July 2018, an unknown man came to the walk of fame with guitar case, pulled out his pickaxe and smashed the monument into crumbs. Then, the attacker independently called the police and left. Later it became known that the man surrendered to the guards.

A memorial sign with the name trump was mounted near Dolby theater in 2007. He was awarded for his work leading to his own television show The Apprentice.