Hollywood actor-survivor kirk Douglas died at the age of 103 years

Hollywood actor-survivor kirk Douglas died at the age of 103 years kirk Douglas (1963) Hollywood actor-survivor kirk Douglas died at the age of 103 years.
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In the United States in 104-m to year of life has died actor kirk Douglas. This was reported in the Instagram his son Michael. “To the world he was a legend actor of the Golden age movie, lived up to the Golden years, a humanitarian whose commitment to justice and the ideals in which he believed set the standards for us,” wrote Douglas.

“But for me and my brothers Joel and Peter, he was just dad, Catherine [wife of Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones]- wonderful father-in-law for his grandchildren and great grandchildren, a loving grandfather, and his wife Anna – a wonderful husband,” added the son of actor.

kirk Douglas (real name Icer Danilovich, later demski) was born in 1916, a family of immigrants from the Mogilev province of the Russian Empire (now Belarus). In 1939 he enrolled at the prestigious American Academy of dramatic arts in new York. To pay for training the young actor could not, but at the audition he made a strong impression on teachers and gave him scholarship.

while studying the Soloveitchik changed his name to Kirk Douglas. During the Second world war, the actor served in the Navy, where he received a slight wound. Back in new York, Douglas has played in theatrical performances, starred in commercials and was engaged in radio broadcasts. After moving to Hollywood, he in 1946, with the assistance of the famous actress Lauren Bacall got the role in the drama “the Strange love of Martha Ivers”.

Recognition and the first nomination on “Oscar” Kirk Douglas brought the film “champion,” directed by Stanley Kramer, in which he played a boxer. In the 1950s he became one of the most sought-after actors.

For the painting “bad and beautiful” Douglas was a second time nominated for “Oscar” for best actor. Another nomination for his role of painter Vincent van Gogh in film “Lust for life”. The highest success Douglas reached, acting Director, Stanley Kubrick, and the film “Spartacus” brought him worldwide fame. In the USSR the pattern has been one of the leaders of the rental.

Douglas fought against the practice of dismissal from work in Hollywood suspected of being Communists. In 1960, he admitted that the script for “Spartacus” under the pseudonym written by a writer, which the U.S. congressional Committee on UN-American activities summoned for questioning, says “Novaya Gazeta”. After that, the screening of the film came from the President John F. Kennedy.

In total, the kirk Douglas played 95 roles in movies and on television. In the 1980s, he almost stopped acting in movies, but some time was occupied in theatrical performances.

Douglas also known as a philanthropist. Foundation The Douglas Foundation, founded by the actor and his wife assists children’s hospitals and charities. On the day of its 99th anniversary Douglas donated $ 15 million for the construction of the Los Angeles center for the care of the actors and representatives of the Hollywood film industry with Alzheimer’s disease.

Despite the many nominations, kirk Douglas was the only time awarded an Oscar in 1996 for 50 years of contribution to cinema. The actor is also the winner of the presidential medal of Freedom – one of the two highest awards for USA citizensing persons award “Golden globe” for best male role in the film “Lust for life”, a special prize of Guild of film actors of the USA for contribution to cinema prize at the Berlin film festival “Golden bear” for his contribution to cinema.

the Wife of Douglas actress Anne Buydens too long: last year it celebrated a centenary.

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