A German tourist has been traveling to Mallorca for 40 years. She never wants to go to Cala Ratjada again.

German tourists are causing trouble for locals and other holidaymakers due to their behavior during the Whitsun holidays in Mallorca, reports the “Mallorca Zeitung”. The town of Cala Ratjada is particularly affected, where drunken groups dominate the cityscape.

A reader contacted the “Mallorca Zeitung” and reported on a “single catastrophe” in Cala Ratjada. The only thing that happens there is drinking, says the German holidaymaker, who has been coming to Mallorca for over 40 years. She complained: “Stupid sayings are being made and everyone is drunk.” She also observed how people urinated in the sea and vomited. After her experiences, there was no reason for her to come back to Cala Ratjada.

However, the situation on Mallorca will most likely ease again in June. Then it is mainly families who go on a civilized vacation. And yet it seems as if the island cannot shake off its reputation as a party island. A ban on alcohol on the streets of Ballermann doesn’t help either. The ban has been in effect since May 11th of this year.

The police want to enforce it, but it’s more difficult than expected. Illegal drinks dealers ensure that tourists continue to walk around with beer cans in their hands. There are more police officers on the road in the first few weeks of the season. Island experts warn against the “Merkur” that there is too much hope for change: “It’s the same every year.” At the beginning, more police appear, but real action is rarely taken, says Beatrice Ciccardini, landlady of the restaurant “Zur Krone”. 

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